Rev. Kevin Annett: Jailed and Deported for Giving Public Lectures

August 9

Dear friends,

As massive riots sweep London, Birmingham and Liverpool tonight, we are witnessing the outcome of years of cutbacks, enforced poverty and state-level corruption in an England tied to the repressive globalist agenda of the European Union.

On May 29, I was jailed, finger printed and deported from London by the UK Border Agency and its private corporate partner, Reliance Ltd., for the “crime” of speaking out publicly about the proven complicity of the British Crown and the Vatican in genocide and child trafficking.

kevin jailed
Kevin Annett jailed in England

But the truth cannot be so easily exiled. With your help, I am returning to England in mid September to continue our ITCCS investigation into crimes of church and state.

However, if I am denied entry into England when I arrive in London on September 18, we have gathered a network of people to publicly confront Theresa May, the British Home Secretary in London, the following day. I hope you will join us then.

If I am barred from re-entering England, you will instantly be notified and will be asked to attend a Public Rally and Press Conference outside the Home Office on Monday, September 19 at 12 noon, at 2 Marsham Street, London SW, off Victoria street just west of Westminster Abbey.
(Their phone number is 020 7035 4848)

For those of you outside London, please hold support rallies on the same day outside British consulates in your community to show your moral support for me and our Tribunal, and demand that I be allowed back into England.

Besides this rally, my lawyers are poised to sue the Crown and Theresa May in the European Human Rights court if I am still barred from England.

Our Tribunal is continuing. Many people, media and groups in a dozen nations have flocked to our efforts, which is why the British authorities want me barred: for the Pope, the Queen and other responsible officers have been served a Public Summons to answer charges before our ITCCS concerning their personal collusion in Crimes against Humanity.

More news on this is forthcoming.

I hope to see you all in London on September 19, and beyond. Thank you for helping me win access again to the land of my ancestors, so that I can help all of us take back our country, our rights and our sovereignty from criminals in high places.

In friendship and hope,

Kevin Annett
Contact me during August at 1-386-323-5774 (USA)

International Media and Community Advisory

Posted on August 03, 2011 by itccs
August 1, 2011

Brussels, Belgium:

1. After more than a year of preparation, a network of community-based Tribunals into Crimes against Humanity will officially convene in Brussels, London, Ottawa and other cities on September 15, 2011, armed with the power to arrest and sentence guilty offenders – including the Pope himself.

Despite efforts by the British government and the Vatican to obstruct the Tribunals, including by deporting and harassing its leading members, survivors of church and state terror will gather in five countries to present evidence and come to a judgement concerning church-sponsored genocide, murder and the continued trafficking in children.

“We have forensic proof now that countless children are buried in mass graves near former church schools, orphanages and sweatshops across Canada, America, England, Ireland and Australia” said ITCCS spokesman Kevin Annett today.

“We intend to share this evidence before the world, and bring indictments against the Roman Catholic and numerous Protestant churches, as well as the Crown of England, for mass murder and the continued trafficking and torture of children.”

To protect its witnesses and encourage local action by survivors and their allies, the ITCCS Executive has decided to decentralize its Tribunal process and extend its work throughout the months following its September 15 commencement.

A complete agenda of this process is listed in Section 2, below.

The accumulated evidence and full proceedings of the Tribunals will be video recorded and compiled into a documentary film, and will be archived in a final Summary Report that will be submitted to the international community no later than January 31, 2012.

Equally important, the Tribunals will bring common law legal judgements against the guilty persons and institutions, including Pope Joseph Ratzinger, and will impose community sentences against them that will be fully enforced by Common Law Peace Officers.

“Our traditions empower us to sentence and jail anyone who threatens our children when the normal authorities refuse to do so” explained ITCCS Elder Jeremiah Jourdain of the Cree Nation.

“Our Tribunal will therefore issue its own arrest and internment warrants, assess financial levies and expropriations against the property and wealth of the churches we find guilty, and order the evictions of these criminals from our lands. We will not allow those responsible for the murder of our people to go unpunished.”

2. Timetable for the ITCCS

Formal Events:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011, 12 noon: Press conference, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada

Thursday, September 15, 12 noon: Formal Opening of the ITCCS Tribunals:

Brussels: outside the European Parliament building
London, Dublin and Ottawa: To be announced

Sunday, September 18 at 11 am local time: Memorial Vigils and Protests at Roman Catholic and other churches in Brussels, London, Dublin, Rome, Ottawa and other cities

- These church actions will continue every Sunday at the same time until October 30

Sunday, October 30, 12 noon: Public Vigil, Exorcism and Protest outside the Vatican, Rome, followed by a 24 hour prayer and fast

- Sympathetic actions at other Catholic churches across the world at the same local time

Monday, October 31, 12 noon: International Press Conference outside the Vatican, St. Peter’s Square, Rome

Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 1 pm: International Conference and Media Event to present the Summary Results of the ITCCS inquiry – Brussels, Belgium (location to be announced)

Speaking-Organizing Tour by Kevin Annett (details to follow)

In Canada: August 28 – September 8
In Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany: September 10-17
In England: September 18 – 28
In Ireland: October 15-23
In France: October 24-28
in Italy/Rome: October 29 – November 2
In Slovenia and Hungary: November 3-8
In the USA: November 10 – December 2
In Canada: December 3 onwards
In Brussels: January 31, 2012

3. Local action

Supporters of the ITCCS campaign and local survivors of church-state terror are encouraged to mount parallel public actions in their communities to coincide with the events listed above.

Most important, people are urged to hold their own public or closed forums during the period September 15, 2011 to January 30, 2012, to give witnesses to these crimes the chance to share their stories and evidence before local ITCCS forums, and have it video recorded for the permanent ITCCS record.

ITCCS staff will assist anyone who plans to hold such events and public actions. For help, contact the ITCCS Secretariat at this email address or by leaving a message at 1-386-323-5774 (USA).

People are also encouraged to book Rev. Kevin Annett as a speaker in their communities during the dates listed above.

4. Biography and background on Kevin Annett, plus additional links

Born 1956, Edmonton, Canada

kevin annett 4
Kevin Daniel Annett, M.A., M.Div. Ordained non-denominational minister Co-founder and Acting Secretary, ITCCS
B.A. (Anthropology), University of B.C., 1983
M.A. (Political Science), UBC, 1986
M.Div. (Theology), Vancouver School of Theology, 1990
Ordained with Honors into United Church of Canada, May 1990

Fired and expelled without cause or due process from United Church, 1997

Established first inquiry into Indian residential schools, Vancouver, Canada (IHRAAM Tribunal), June 1998

Author, Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present (2010) and
Unrepentant: Disrobing the Emperor (2011)

Co-producer, award-winning documentary film Unrepentant

Host of internationally syndicated Public Affairs blog radio program Hidden from History

International Consultant to survivors of church torture


Witness to murder at Indian Residential School

Witness to murder at Religious residential school speaks: Catholic Systematic Abuse>

If the World was like Canada: A Realistic Comparison

Newsflash: Nazi Germany Apologizes for the Abuse of its Jews

Berlin, July 11, 1958: (New Order News Agency)

An ebullient Chancellor Herman Goering read Germany’s official Apology to its Jews today in the Reichstag, as part of that nation’s post-war efforts to “bring closure” to the wounds of the past.

The Apology is part of Germany’s Aryan Truth and Reconciliation Commission (ATRC), established this year by the Reich government after criticism of its assimilation policies towards Jews was raised by human rights groups in Switzerland.

“That we are a God-sent nation was proved when Providence granted us victory in the last war” said the aging Chancellor Goering to a hushed and respectful group of Reichstag deputies.

“So we have the magnanimity and greatness to admit that yes, some individual abuses did take place against the Semitic people who were assimilated into our Greater Reich. If such abuses can be proven and verified, we will consider limited compensation. But we admit no wrongdoing. The time for blame is over. We must move on.”

Unsubstantiated rumors of high death rates in the Relocation Centers run by Germany’s SS security forces have circulated in recent years, but are generally discounted by credible authorities and scholars.

“The so-called Jewish Holocaust has been debunked” declared Berlin Gauleiter and renowned historian Dr. Kurt Hofstetter, who also chairs Germany’s ATRC.

“Just look at the statistics. Random abuses don’t constitute genocide. If people died in the Centers, it wasn’t the result of a deliberate state policy, but because of the acts of undisciplined individuals.”

Grand Rabbi Solomon Ascher, the head of Germany’s Jewish Elder’s Council, the National Judenrate, welcomed Chancellor Goering’s Apology after warmly applauding the leader from his seat on the podium next to Goering.

“On behalf of all of our great nation’s Jews, I accept the Chancellor’s Apology. Today, our people’s pain can finally be put to rest. Healing has arrived.”

Meanwhile, a small group of dissident Jews under the leadership of the outlawed terrorist Simon Wiesenthal held an unnoticed protest outside the Reichstag during the Apology, against what they called “the shameful whitewash being perpetrated by the ATRC”.

The group, known as The Friends of the Disappeared (FoD), called for the disinterring of supposed “mass graves” in the former territories of Silesia and Poland where the Semitic Relocation Centers operated during the war.

The Gestapo has conducted a thorough investigation of the claims of the FoD, and found no evidence to support their claims. A Gestapo official warned the Wiesenthal group to “stop making wild and harmful allegations”.

“There are no mass graves of Jews” said the Gestapo official to reporters today.

“Not even a hundred people died in the Relocation Zone, and those who did were victims of natural causes, like tuberculosis.”

The German ATRC has been allocated $68 million Deutsch Marks by Reich authorities to conduct an official investigation into the fate of those in the Relocation Zones.

The ATRC will hold closed forums where Jews selected by the National Judenrate will be allowed to share their stories before three ATRC Commissioners appointed by the Chancellor’s office. Neither the SS nor the Gestapo will participate in the forums, which will be “purely educational”, to quote the ATRC Chairman Dr. Hofstetter.

from the Delhi Mail Today

“We expect to publish our findings within five years” said Hofstetter. “We have nothing to hide. But neither will our work be a witch hunt.”

In Rome, Pope Pius today applauded the Goering Apology and the ATRC, describing them as “a blessed act of statesmanship and truthfulness. This is a new beginning for Christian Germany.”