Native people assaulted by Catholics as Vancouver cops stand by and watch: Occupy the Vatican serves Eviction Notice against child raping church, as Canadian media distorts the event

Two dozen men and women from Occupy Vancouver and the Occupy the Vatican movement, most of them aboriginal, faced assaults and a human blockade from members of the Catholic Knights of Columbus yesterday outside Holy Rosary Cathedral, while trying to peacefully occupy it and enforce a legal eviction order against the Roman Catholic church for its murder of thousands of residential school children.

Protecting the Child Rapists: Vancouver Cop expels parishioner at Holy Rosary Cathedral for supporting aboriginal protesters

“I kept yelling to the police to help us but they just stood there at the church entrance and did nothing, even when the Knights of Columbus were shoving one man and making him fall right off the church steps” described a female member of Occupy Vancouver.

“It’s like the cops were being private security for the church, and the Knights of Columbus were acting like police”.

The planned occupation was called last week to bring attention to the Catholic church’s illegal occupation of sovereign ©Squamish / Skwxwú7mesh™ Government territory, and their genocide of native children.

On Saturday, the action was temporarily postponed after two undercover operatives were exposed as attempting to incite violence at the church. Nevertheless, a group of native elders went to the church later and read the eviction notice to the police and catholics barring the church entrance.

The Vancouver media distorted the Sunday action to make it seem that Occupy Vancouver disavowed the action, which is not true. No media reported the exposure of the undercover operatives or the fact that over a hundred Occupy Vancouver members have merely postponed their protest to next Sunday.

One of the protest organizers and a legal agent for Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™, Kevin Annett (Eagle Strong Voice), commented today,

aboriginal woman
Aboriginal woman and member of Occupy Vancouver declares Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™’s March, 2008 Banning and Eviction order against the Catholic church

“There’s a mayoral election on in Vancouver these days, and every politician is trying to win votes by calling for the Occupy camp to be shut down. What better scare tactic to inflame the citizenry than claiming that a bunch of wild Indians from the camp are storming a church?” commented Kevin Annett today.
Annett has been authorized by Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™ to enforce his 2008 Eviction Order against the Catholic church in Vancouver.

“The occupation of these churches will continue, peacefully, and with increasing support from many people. The eyes of the world or on us. We will return next Sunday” announced Annett.

Occupy the Vatican groups across Canada and the world have declared their plans to take over Catholic churches in their communities.

A Press Statement and Ultimatum addressed to the Pope and the Vancouver Catholic Archdiocese will be issued later today.

Information: 250-591-4573

Issued by Occupy the Vatican (Vancouver) and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (Brussels office)
12:00 pm PST 31 October 2011

Planned Disruption of Church Occupation Forces Postponement – Vancouver Group Names Provocateurs A Statement from Occupy the Vatican (Vancouver) and Indigenous members of Occupy Vancouver

Posted on October 30, 2011 by itccs
Sunday, October 30, 2011 on sovereign ©Squamish / Skwxwú7mesh™ Government territory (“Vancouver, Canada”)

Today’s planned occupation of Holy Rosary Catholic Cathedral by our network has been postponed for one week because of our discovery of a plan by paid government provocateurs to incite violence at the event and bring discredit to our efforts and against Kevin Annett – Eagle Strong Voice.

Two of these provocateurs are paid agents of government-funded “Chief” Ed John of the collaborationist First Nations Summit. Their names are Frank Martin and Helen Michel, aka “Telquaa”.

Martin and Michel, assisted by undercover operatives, planned today to publicly condemn and malign Kevin Annett before the media, and incite occupiers to damage church property, causing the arrest of occupiers and the special detainment “for questioning” of Kevin Annett by police.

Our planned peaceful occupation of the Cathedral, and other Catholic church property, will proceed under strict security precautions next Sunday, November 6 at 10 am. This action will include the infiltration of our members into church services in several locations in Vancouver.

As the attached Notice of Eviction and Right of Entry describes, our occupation of this church has been authorized by Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™ and by a Necessity Duty under Common Law caused by the murderous and genocidal actions of the Roman Catholic Church.

Updates will follow.

Issued 11:30 am PST 30 October 2011, by Occupy the Vatican (Vancouver) and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (Brussels office)

Speaking Tour Rescheduled

Posted on October 27, 2011 by itccs
Dear friends,

The momentous events of the past few months have caused me to revise my original plans for an October-November European and cross-American organizing tour connected to our ITCCS Tribunal. So I am sorry for any confusion and change in plans caused by this, and by my pre-occupation with the uncovering of possible grave sites at Canada’s oldest Indian residential school.

Some of you have put a lot of energy into bringing me to your communities during October and November – an effort which is deeply appreciated by me and many others – and I hope you will share this letter with everyone who anticipated my arrival and who wants to lend their support to our campaign.

In a nutshell, my original speaking and tour timetable has been moved from the fall of this year to the spring of 2012. This has been caused by my involvement in the historic decision of elders of the Mohawk – Onkwehonwe people near Brantford, Ontario to begin their own inquiry into deaths of children at the local, Church of England Indian residential school, and repatriate the remains of those children for a proper burial. I’ve been deeply involved in this investigation in my role as representative of our ITCCS Tribunal, and accordingly I have had to put on hold other lecture commitments until the new year.

By early 2012, we hope to have from this Brantford investigation the first authenticated forensic evidence of killings of children in church-run schools in Canada, and I will then be bringing that evidence to human rights courts and media groups in Dublin, London, Brussels, Rome and elsewhere. I expect this will begin during late February or early March of 2012.

I have also been asked to help organize a massive convergence on the Vatican during Easter week of 2012 – Easter falls on April 8 – and so I will coordinate all of my future speaking events in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and other European nations to occur during the period of March and April, 2012.

As for North America, / Turtle Island, I am commencing a Canadian and USA speaking tour prior to my European one, during the last week of January and during February of 2012.

There will be more updates about all this coming to you during the next few months, but for now, please mark those months as times to book me to speak and meet with local groups of survivors of church crimes, and others involved in our campaign.

It will help this process if media interviews with me can be arranged early in the new year to help us kick off this new phase of our work.

I thank you for your patience and perseverance, and I look forward to hearing from and seeing you all soon. This is an historic and exciting time!

in friendship,

Kevin Annett / Rawennatshani (“Powerful Voice”, given upon my adoption into the Mohawk-Onkwehonwe Nation)
250-591-4573 (Canada)

Public Notice of Enforcement of Eviction Order and Right of Entry issued against the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, and the United Church of Canada by hereditary Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™ of the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh/Squamish™ Government

Posted on October 27, 2011 by itccs

Duly registered and entered in the Vancouver Registry of the “Supreme Court of British Columbia”, Docket S036483, on March 4, 2008

Let all people know

That under the hereditary land law jurisdiction of the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh/Squamish™ people, the corporations known as the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada were evicted from the territory known as Vancouver, Canada on March 4, 2008, by a legal order issued by hereditary Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™ on behalf of his people, because of the illegal occupation of Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh/Squamish™ land by these corporations, their rape, torture and killing of Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh/Squamish™ children in their Indian residential schools, and their continued refusal to surrender these children’s remains for a proper burial.

Let it be further known

That I, Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice, known also as Caoimhin Ui Niall and Rawennatshani, have been duly authorized by Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™ to act as his legal agent to enforce this Eviction Order, and that I and those men and women appointed by me have been granted by this authorization a Legal Right of Entry into all of the buildings, offices and churches of these religious corporations in order to expel the officers of these corporations and claim these properties for the use of the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh/Squamish™ people, and to house the homeless and feed the hungry.

And let it further be known

That I, Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice, do publicly affirm that I have personally served officers of these religious corporations with the Eviction Order named herein, and that they have not responded, and that therefore, these religious corporations are in a state of illegal trespass and criminal mischief on Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh/Squamish™ territory.

And let if further be known

That under the March 4, 2008 Eviction Order of Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™, I, Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice, and those whom I appoint, are now duly authorized to not only occupy the properties of these religious corporations, but to use these properties to conduct a thorough inquiry into the fate of children killed by these churches, to seize any documents and other evidence held by these churches, to search for and excavate the buried remains of these children and return them for a proper burial according to the protocols of the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh/Squamish™ people, and to bring this evidence before international courts of justice to indict these churches and their officers for Crimes against Humanity.

And let it further be known

That in order to enforce this Order and responsibility, I, Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice, will publicly deputize any and all members of the Vancouver police department and the RCMP to enforce this legal order, as is their duty and obligation under common law, and that any refusal by them to do so, or any attempt by them to prevent me or my agents from enforcing this Order, will be considered an act of hostile intent and criminality by them, and a violation of their oath of office. In the event of such a dereliction of duty on the part of these police officers, I reserve my right under common law and Siem Kiapilano’s original authorization to appoint Public Peace Officers to maintain the peace and enforce this lawful Order according to the principle Actus legis nemini facit injuriam, The act of the law does no one an injury.

I do solemnly swear that I, Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice, will enforce this authority and purpose in good faith, and in a spirit of truth and non-violence, under the jurisdiction of Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™ and the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh/Squamish™ people; and that to do so, I hereby publicly and forever renounce any and all allegiance, whether stated or implied, to the so-called Crown of England and its appendage the government of Canada, and all of its sponsors and agents, whether here or abroad.

I make this pledge and declaration in truth, as a free man on the land, in the sight of this gathering of men and women and the world, and as a sovereign citizen of the free Republic known as Kanata, established on July 1, 2009 in alliance with indigenous Nations under the original Two Row Wampum Treaty of 1613 known as Kaswehnta, and the Great Law of Peace, which preceded and supersedes all laws of the so-called Crown of England and of Canada.

I am Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice, Caoimhin Ui Niall, Rawennatshani

Issued and publicly read this thirtieth day of October, 2011 on Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh/Squamish™ land

Let the Truth Shine Now, so that the Dead may Rest: An Open Letter of Clarification from Rawennatshani – Kevin Annett

Posted on October 24, 2011 by itccs

two row wompum
two row wampum

I am Rawennatshani, an adopted member of the Turtle clan of the Onkwehonwe Nation of the Grand River. My English name is Kevin Annett and my ancestral name is Caoimhin Ui Niall of the Gaelic Nation, Clan O’Neill.

I ask that the blessings and presence of my ancestors, and yours, guide my words to you so that you may receive and understand them in truth.

Last April, I was asked in writing by elders of the Turtle and Wolf clans of the Onkwehonwe Nation to come to their territory for two reasons: to help them bring home for a proper burial the remains of children who died and are buried at the former Mohawk Indian residential school in Brantford, and to help determine how they died so that those responsible can be brought to justice.

It has always been my purpose to follow the protocols of the Nation and be led by the wishes of elders and survivors of the “Mush Hole” residential school, and I have done so from the beginning of my time among you.

On October 1, I commenced this work under the direction and authority of clan mothers of the Nation. Our work has consisted of scanning the grounds of the school for evidence of graves, doing research, and conducting a test dig on grounds far from the school. We have not so far uncovered the remains of any human being.

The fact that we have commenced this work is historic and a turning point in the relations between our nations, and therefore it is essential that the truth of what we are doing and uncovering be made known to the world.

In doing so, the feelings and memories aroused by our work among survivors and others must be treated respectfully and with understanding, while recognizing that only the truth of what occurred at the Brantford school, and elsewhere, can set us all free.

It is unfortunate but to be expected that some people, and elements within various levels of government and the church that ran the Mush Hole school and who are legally and morally liable for the deaths of the children there, are seeking now to misrepresent me and the work we are doing.

It has been claimed publicly by these people, without proof, that I, a non-native, have arrived uninvited to your territory with a shovel in my hand to “dig up children” at the school. A genuine fear campaign is being stoked to discredit our important work, and focus the attention on me rather than the countless children lying under the ground at the school. But the issue at hand is not me at all, but the crimes against humanity inflicted by the churches and Crown of England on entire indigenous nations, including yours.

I ask those who are responsible for spreading lies and misinformation, and those who are misled by such fear-mongering, to remember again what is at stake, and how many children’s spirits look to us to give them final rest and recognition.

I should make clear, too, that in their zeal to share what we are uncovering and support our efforts, some media outlets have overstated our findings and made reference to our opening mass graves of children. Let me state, clearly, that we have not excavated any such graves, although on the basis of much evidence we do believe that the grounds of the Mush Hole school constitute an enormous mass grave of children who died there.

In order to avoid further rumors and misunderstanding, I urge all people of good will to ask the members of our community, and its elders, for clarification of events as they happen, by speaking to them and to Bill Squire directly at 519-757-3624.

I am pleased to report that the example set by the Onkwehonwe people has been taken up by other nations, who are now planning to begin repatriating children from burial sites at other former residential schools across “Canada”.

I look forward to returning to your community in mid November to continue the mandate given to me by elders, clan mothers and residential school survivors.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss this or seek clarification about anything I’ve said.

All my relations,

I am Rawennatshani

A Weekly Update on the Mohawk Inquiry: The Search for the Dead Continues

Posted on October 17, 2011 by itccs

A second indigenous Nation authorizes digs for their lost children and endorses the ITCCS – The Canadian government strikes back against the Mohawk residential school inquiry, and a long cover-up is revealed.

Brantford, Ontario:

At the start of a third week of an unprecedented aboriginal-led investigation into the burial sites of missing children at Canada’s oldest Indian residential school, more native nations are rallying to the cause of Mohawk elders hunting for mass graves – and the government of Canada is striking back.

A second indigenous group, the traditional Squamish nation on Canada’s west coast, has authorized ITCCS Secretary Kevin Annett to begin surveys and digs for graves of residential school children on their own territory. In a written declaration, traditional elder (siem) Kiapilano stated,

“As the Landlord to the Squamish Nation lands and natural resources, I appoint Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice to act with a Right of Entry to claim the said buildings of all the Anglican, Catholic and United churches located on Squamish Nation territory … Kevin is given full authority to access the burial sites for excavation, conduct (of) forensic research as to the cause of death, and provide a proper traditional burial pursuant to Squamish nation ancient ways, and surrender those responsible for this genocide to my people or a public inquiry …”

The Squamish territory comprises all of the present city of Vancouver and its surrounding region, including the location of three former Indian residential schools.

Groups among the Anishnabe (Ojibway) people in central Canada, and the Maliseet nation in the Maritimes, also announced this week plans to conduct their own inquiries into children who went missing in local Indian residential schools.

In response to how quickly the Mohawk example is spreading, the Canadian government has moved quickly to undermine and stop the survey and excavations in Brantford, and continue a history of concealing the remains of children who died there.

After initially supporting the Mohawk elders-led digs and survey at the Brantford residential school site, “chief” Bill Monture of the state-funded Six Nations Band Council announced on October 10 that he now opposed the project, and denied further use of the council’s Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Unit, and the data it had gathered on the school grounds, to the elders’ group.

Monture’s sudden reversal occurred shortly after he was summoned to Canada’s capital for consultation with government officials.

Monture’s band council has a history of concealing the deaths of children at the Brantford school. In 1982, and again in 2008, skeletal remains of children were found on the grounds of the former residential school, but the results of forensic examinations were kept secret by the band council, and the remains vanished.

Meanwhile, the inquiry continues on the site of the Brantford residential school as Mohawk volunteers survey grave sites, take samples and uncover documents indicating that the death and burial of children at the Church of England school was reported as recently as 1969, a year before the school closed. These and other accounts of crimes at the school were deliberately buried by Anglican Church officials of the local Huron Diocese.

“We’re securing another GPR scanner and are going ahead with plans to excavate at the school once an archaeological and forensics team is gathered over the next few weeks. We need the help now of all good people” said Mohawk elder Bill Squire today.

To aid the Mohawk inquiry and its work with Kevin Annett and the ITCCS, contact Squire at 519-757-3624 or Kevin Annett through this website or at 250-591-4573.

Issued by the ITCCS head office, Brussels

Mohawk Inquiry Communiqué No. 3

Mass genocide of Mohawk children by UK Queen and Vatican: Kevin Annett interviewed by Alfred Webre

Posted on October 13, 2011 by itccs

NOTE: As the announcement at the beginning of the program makes clear, this interview was cut off 5 times, and the audio quality was deliberately degraded by an agency of the national security state. Listeners are asked to hear the program with appropriate sensibilities. Thank you.

Mass genocide of Mohawk children by UK Queen and Vatican uncovered in Canada-Rev Kevin Annett

Digging Mass Graves at Residential Schools in Canada: Breaking News Update 13/10/11

Posted on October 13, 2011 by itccs

Posted by Vatican Crimes:

BRANTFORD, ON – The Mohawk Nation in Grand River in collaboration with the ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State) and its secretary Kevin Annett bring the latest news on the digging of children mass graves that have begun in Brantford, Ontario to expose the crimes committed by Church and State against thousands of native children.

This report announces the latest update on these forensic investigations as of October 12, 2011. As secretary of the International Tribunal, Kevin Annett was invited and kindly welcomes by the Mohawk nation for this initiative of looking for justice – that Kevin was even adopted into the nation – and not being intrusive like the rumors that have been circulating in yet another attempt to stop the evidence from coming to light.

The investigations will continue with the full support of the Mothers as the it is time for the world to know the truth. The evidence obtained will be utilized to take it to the tribunals to take place in London, UK and other countries this fall.

Investigations of children’s graves continues; Kevin Annett adopted into Mohawk Nation, given name and protection; Excavations spark similar actions in other native nations

Posted on October 09, 2011 by itccs
Brantford, Ontario

dig 4
Test dig in forest near Mohawk Institute residential school

Both pro- and anti-government groups in the Mohawk Nation united this past week to endorse the independent investigation into mass graves of children at the former Mohawk Institute Indian residential school. The inquiry was initiated last April by nine elders of the Wolf and Turtle clans.

Chief Bill Montour of the government-funded Mohawk Band Council said publicly at a council meeting on October 4,

“This dig is long overdue and it’s needed. I back this thing one hundred percent.”

Meanwhile, the Men’s Fire, a traditional group of warriors from all of the Six Nations, arrived at the excavation site the same day to provide security and protection for the inquiry members, especially for Kevin Annett of the ITCCS, who was asked by the Wolf and Turtle elders in writing to organize the inquiry into the missing children of the Brantford school.

As a sign of their support for Kevin Annett and the ITCCS, these elders formally adopted Kevin into the Turtle Clan of the Mohawk (Ongyahonway) Nation at a ceremony on October 6, and gave him the name Rawennatshani, which means “One who warns the people with a strong and wise voice”.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey of Mohawk school grounds

The inquiry into the fate of many hundreds of missing children at the school continued this week, through Ground Penetrating Radar surveys that revealed that graves of children on school grounds were buried under tons of soil; and that suspected grave sites extend into the wooded perimeter of the former school, which was founded by the Crown and Church of England in 1832.

“We’re looking at a massive investigation into an enormous crime site, but at least it’s begun” commented Kevin Annett today.

“We hope to have a preliminary report issued before the new year once we have samples and other evidence analyzed forensically. We’ve already assembled an archaeological team to do a professional study of what’s being uncovered.”

Earlier this week, traditional Mohawk elders announced that they were imposing their own jurisdiction over the graves of residential school children, and declared that the government of Canada, its police and courts had no authority to intervene into their investigation.

Elsewhere in Canada, groups among the Maliseet, Anishnabe and Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ indigenous nations announced this week their intent to launch their own digs and inquiries at suspected mass grave sites at former residential schools on their territories, independently of the government’s stage-managed “Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”

“The Mohawks have inspired all of us” said Jeremiah Jourdain of the Anishnabe nation in Winnipeg today.

“Now we have to spread this movement to bring the children home on our terms – and prosecute those who killed them.”

Nearly half of all Canadian Indian residential school students – more than 50,000 children – died or went missing between 1832 and 1996, when the last school closed.

A You Tube presentation of these events will be forthcoming this week. Images follow.

For updates on the Mohawk digs and more information, see and contact Kevin Annett at The Nine Elders can be contacted through Bill Squire at 519-757-3624.

Issued by ITCCS International Office, Brussels
9 October, 2011

Kevin and Geronimo Henry
Mohawk school survivor Geronimo Henry, left, speaks with Kevin Annett

Mohawk adption
Kevin Annett, left, welcomed by Mohawk elder Yvonne Hill in 2010