Speaking Tour Rescheduled

Posted on October 27, 2011 by itccs
Dear friends,

The momentous events of the past few months have caused me to revise my original plans for an October-November European and cross-American organizing tour connected to our ITCCS Tribunal. So I am sorry for any confusion and change in plans caused by this, and by my pre-occupation with the uncovering of possible grave sites at Canada’s oldest Indian residential school.

Some of you have put a lot of energy into bringing me to your communities during October and November – an effort which is deeply appreciated by me and many others – and I hope you will share this letter with everyone who anticipated my arrival and who wants to lend their support to our campaign.

In a nutshell, my original speaking and tour timetable has been moved from the fall of this year to the spring of 2012. This has been caused by my involvement in the historic decision of elders of the Mohawk – Onkwehonwe people near Brantford, Ontario to begin their own inquiry into deaths of children at the local, Church of England Indian residential school, and repatriate the remains of those children for a proper burial. I’ve been deeply involved in this investigation in my role as representative of our ITCCS Tribunal, and accordingly I have had to put on hold other lecture commitments until the new year.

By early 2012, we hope to have from this Brantford investigation the first authenticated forensic evidence of killings of children in church-run schools in Canada, and I will then be bringing that evidence to human rights courts and media groups in Dublin, London, Brussels, Rome and elsewhere. I expect this will begin during late February or early March of 2012.

I have also been asked to help organize a massive convergence on the Vatican during Easter week of 2012 – Easter falls on April 8 – and so I will coordinate all of my future speaking events in Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and other European nations to occur during the period of March and April, 2012.

As for North America, / Turtle Island, I am commencing a Canadian and USA speaking tour prior to my European one, during the last week of January and during February of 2012.

There will be more updates about all this coming to you during the next few months, but for now, please mark those months as times to book me to speak and meet with local groups of survivors of church crimes, and others involved in our campaign.

It will help this process if media interviews with me can be arranged early in the new year to help us kick off this new phase of our work.

I thank you for your patience and perseverance, and I look forward to hearing from and seeing you all soon. This is an historic and exciting time!

in friendship,

Kevin Annett / Rawennatshani (“Powerful Voice”, given upon my adoption into the Mohawk-Onkwehonwe Nation)
250-591-4573 (Canada)