Urgent Global Advisory from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

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Stop the War of Terror against Children! A Call to Humanity

On Easter Sunday, April 8, Help us End the Power of the Church to rape, torture and traffic our Children, and evade Justice

And Jesus said, “Whoever would harm one of these innocents, it would be better if a millstone was tied around his neck and he was thrown into the sea.”

For centuries, the Vatican has violated the innocent around the world and never been held accountable for its crimes.

This religious “wolf in sheep’s clothing” has raped and murdered untold millions of children, exploited their labor, protected those responsible, and continues to profit off a global network in baby trafficking and pedophilia.

The Church holds itself above the law and claims that Pope Benedict himself cannot be tried for his crime of obstructing justice, and concealing and aiding child rapists.

This year, many people around the world are uniting to put an end to this global reign of terror by the Vatican.

During the week leading up to Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012, groups of survivors of church terror in more than a dozen countries will be holding protests and press conferences, staging occupations of church properties, banishing criminal priests from their communities, and launching an international, grassroots political movement to bring the church and its clergy under public control so that justice can finally be won.

Aided by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (www.itccs.org), this coalition of survivors and their allies have chosen Easter Sunday, April 8, to converge on the Vatican and on their local Catholic churches to not simply demand that the church and the pope face sanctions and criminal prosecution for their crimes against children, but to bring about that justice through direct, ongoing action.

Our ultimate goal is to bring charges against the Vatican at the International Criminal Court, and to bring about legislative and political changes that will bring the church and its wealth under democratic and public control.

This is a call to all humanitarians, to all people of good will within the Church, and to all those who have suffered at the hands of the Church, to take courage and join our campaign.

Help us fight for the children who have died, those still suffer, and who will be tomorrow’s victims, by standing together at 12 noon, local time, on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012, outside and inside your local Catholic church, around this Program:

1. Full Reparations for all survivors of Church torture – The Church must pay for all of the damages done to their victims, including their medical and counseling bills, and must return all of the wealth generated by their slave labor and commercial exploitation of children, including from baby and child trafficking.

2. Full Disclosure of the Crimes – The Church must surrender all of their clergy, employees and officials who have harmed children or aided or protected the perpetrators, as well as all of the evidence of their crimes, without conditions.

3. Repatriation – The Church must surrender for a proper burial, at its own expense, the remains of all those who died in their institutions or under their care.

4. Criminal Prosecution– All those in the Church, including the Pope, who have harmed or harm children, or aided and abetted their harm, must be arrested and tried in secular courts of law, and cannot be shielded from prosecution by any form of immunity.

5. Prevention – All clergy and church officials must be licensed as public servants, and their actions monitored and controlled by the community. Clergy must make a public pledge to swear to protect children in their parish and disclose harm done to them, regardless of papal laws or decrees. All legal tax exemptions and other benefits of the Church shall be abolished, and the diplomatic status of the Vatican annulled. The property and wealth of the Church shall be nationalized if it persists in its role as a clear and present public enemy and a danger to children.

Help us organize our campaign in your community.

Note: Kevin Annett of the ITCCS executive will be present in Europe to conduct follow up actions following the April 8 commencement, between May 4 and June 1, 2012.
He can be contacted at hiddenfromhistory1 at gmail.com or 250-591-4573 (Canada)

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Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane covers up sex abuse yet becomes Queen’s rep/Governor-general!

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In 2002, when Australia discovered the sexual abuse was being covered up by the Anglican Archbishop Peter Willingworth, here is what his response was….
keep in mind that Peter Willingworth then became the Queen’s representative, Australia’s governor general – YES, QUEEN ELIZABETH’S REPRESENTATIVE – despite his track record as a pedophile protector within the Anglican religion.

Here are the news to prove it….

Australia’s governor-general Peter Hollingworth has said he has no intention of resigning over fresh allegations he ignored sexual abuse in his church while acting as Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane.

“His Excellency continues to enjoy my confidence” – PM John Howard

Wow. You read correctly. This is how they work hand in hand.

In an interview broadcast on Australian television, Peter Hollingworth had the audacity to say “he could have handled the situation at the time better, but he intended to see out his remaining four-and-a-half years in office.”

Dr Hollingworth received support on Monday from Prime Minister John Howard who told parliament: “His Excellency continues to enjoy my confidence.”

The governor-general is the official representative in Australia of the head of state Queen Elizabeth, who is scheduled to visit the country in less than two weeks (Feb 2002).

Television allegations

Dr Hollingworth came under increased pressure to resign on Monday after a television programme broadcasted that he discouraged a victim from pursuing an abuse claim against a priest. Dr Hollingworth later appointed the same priest to the sexual abuse committee at St John’s Cathedral in Brisbane.

Dr Hollingworth described these accusations as a “disgrace”. As expected.

Resignation calls

Dr Hollingworth was appointed last year by Prime Minister John Howard.

His time in office has been plagued by the fact people began discovering the child abuse he covered up when he was the head of the Anglican church in Brisbane.

In December he made a statement denying any cover-up of the abuse by a former teacher at a church school, who committed suicide after being charged with indecency.

He said legal and insurance considerations had prevented him from taking a more active role in helping the victims.

The Protect Your Children Foundation and Vatican Crimes Exposed denounces all these crimes committed in the name of religion. Alert! Religion is a virus! Protect your kids! Keep them away from priests, nuns, ministers, bishops, archbishops, pastors who use the name of God to gain trust and deceive. Visit: http://www.vaticancrimes.us and http://www.protegeatushijos.org

Is it Nothing to You? Another Hero Falls: Ricky Lavallie, 1960 – 2012

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Ricky Lavallee
Ricky Lavallie: 1960 – 2012

By Kevin D. Annett

Ricky Lavallie is dead.

He was a 51 year old native man, and was the sole witness to the murder by three Vancouver policemen of another key aboriginal activist in our network, Johnny Bingo Dawson.

The sudden death of Ricky Lavallie on January 3 has wiped out the last of my original core supporters among urban native people in Vancouver and Winnipeg. Our original nucleus of the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD) has been extinguished.

In barely two years, all of our strongest activists, and those who forced the missing residential schools children into national and world consciousness, have died: Chief Louis Daniels, Elder Phillipa Ryan, Johnny Bingo Dawson, William Combes, Harry Wilson, and now Ricky Lavallie.

These deaths follow on the earlier, equally sudden demise of key eyewitnesses to murders in Indian residential schools: Archie Frank, Willie Sport, Joe Sylvester, Virginia Baptiste, Nora Bernard, and Harriet Nahanee.

These witnesses, and the dead native leaders of our FRD, were instrumental in publicly naming the churches and government of Canada as being guilty of crimes against humanity. And they have all paid the ultimate price for doing so.

I charge these religious and state organizations with their murders.

I charge the E Division of the RCMP with complicity in these deaths, along with the head officers of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

In the case of Ricky Lavallie, I charge the Vancouver Police Department with complicity in his death. For I have two separate videotaped testimonies of Ricky from last August, in which he states that a Vancouver police sergeant threatened him with imprisonment and death if he continued to speak about his witnessing of the deadly beating of Bingo Dawson by the same sergeant and two other Vancouver cops on December 6, 2009.

Here is Ricky describing what happened:

I have written the following obituary and tribute to my friend Ricky, for his steadfast courage and devotion to the missing children. I hope and pray, as always, that some of the spirit of such a brave soul will pass into us, and help us all awaken from complicity.

Let us see and name the murders still happening, and bring down those responsible.
Otherwise, how are we any better than they are?

Ricky Lavallie: May 20, 1960- January 3, 2012

His tears flowed so easily whenever he remembered how his five year old brother was killed by a catholic priest bearing an electric cattle prod at the Portage la Prairie residential school in 1968. He carried the terror of that day with him at every moment, for he refused to numbly forget. But nevertheless, Ricky Lavallie was always at my side at every rally and vigil outside churches across Vancouver, and he never wavered.

I lost more than a friend in Ricky, but a brother warrior: one who could have created the usual excuses of most people to stay away from all of our righteous confrontations with cops and priests down the years, as we battled impossibly for disclosure and justice. Rick more than anyone had enough cause to hide, but he never did.

I once marched with Ricky and only eight other people down one of Vancouver’s busiest streets during rush hour traffic, bearing the banner that he clung to like his memories: “All the Children Need a Proper Burial”.

As passersby gawked at our little army, and cars lurched to a stop to let us pass, I turned to Ricky and said,

“How are we doing, Rick?”

He smiled, which was rare, and shouted cheerfully,

“We’re doing great!”

Ricky was the one who walked with me to the front of a church sanctuary during a busy mass, as we occupied the main catholic cathedral in Vancouver on Palm Sunday in 2007. I recall how he gazed solidly at the priest who was berating and threatening us, and said quietly to the red faced idiot,

“When are you gonna give me back my brother’s body?”

Before we were banned from the airwaves of the former “Vancouver Co-op Radio” – now a muzzled subsidiary of the corporate Pattison Media Group – Ricky regularly regaled our listeners with life on the streets, his time in the death camp called residential school, and with his latest song, strummed out on a three strong guitar we kept lying around the studio. But his best moments were with his fellow survivors of church torture, when they faltered on the air and broke down in the flood of dark remembrances that he carried and endured so nobly.

“That’s okay, we’ll get those bastards” he’d say softly to a man or woman amidst their sobs, placing a large and tender arm around them. And then he’d shout into the microphone,

“Screw those churches!”

We did get those bastards, again and again, and Ricky showed me in the flesh how and why his kind are inheriting the earth. He was the kind of man who no bribe and no threat could stop: and so, even now, he hasn’t been stopped.

Ricky’s great joy, of course, was that he was a central character in our documentary film Unrepentant. Just to know that his story and that of his brother were now known to millions of people around the world seemed to make up for all that he had lost. Whenever he saw me on the grimy streets of East Hastings he’d lumber over to me and ask for another few copies of our film.

“They can’t ignore us anymore, right?” he’d exclaim.

The last time I ever saw Ricky was in October, during the Occupy Vancouver encampment. My friend spent his days there leafleting mostly indifferent occupiers about the residential schools genocide, and he never stopped talking about his murdered brother to anyone who would listen.

From there, one day, he led a dozen people on a Sunday morning to the same cathedral he had helped occupy that bright Sunday in 2007, and he stood almost alone in the face of dozens of burly Knights of Columbus and the usual brutal phalanx of cops who try so pathetically to guard the church from Judgement.

Ricky Lavallie left the world in such a spirit, as he had lived: resolute and unbroken and truthful, despite his scars, and his deep fears.

It’s never enough to write about another fallen hero, or to remember him, or even to continue on in the sacred work he died for. The long sadness, the lengthening shadow of aloneness among we fewer and fewer veterans of this campaign, is never lessened by the bright light of their example. But somehow we carry on anyway, like Ricky, remembering, as he always did, all of the little ones who suffered and died, and the ones who will tomorrow if we let go of our banner, or our memories.

ricky lavallie
Ricky Lavallie. He is present.

Ricky Lavallie (left) with Siyam ©Kiapilano™ and Kevin Annett (right)

canadian holocaust
Remembering the Canadian Holocaust

Singing a Farewell Lament to Ourselves at the End of a World, and at the Birth of Another: Understanding 2012

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by Kevin Annett

Exorcism at the Vatican, 2009

New Year’s Eve in Nanaimo, as the rain falls quietly on a year’s memories, and on an unhurried dawn.

The old adage is true, it seems: that as we age, the years come and go more quickly, but so do the lessons of our life. Tonight, they crowd me as I gaze out at the night, and at the faces of those who died and that which was revealed.

William Combes, Eyewitness, 1952-2011

Billie Combes was killed in a Vancouver hospital on February 26, having spoken too readily of the royal Thing that abducted forever ten children from a Christian internment camp in Kamloops.

Billie was a stumbling man of fifty seven, long lived for a street Indian, and he cried so easily whenever he remembered his internment, and the little ones he could never save. The last time I ever saw him, he actually smiled, and told me that I was his friend.

The crowned Thing Billie named barred me from England on May 29 with the kind of cold efficiency that once made it ruler of our planet. It gazed at me through the thick, banal lenses of a Border Agency cop who didn’t even smile at the jokes I cracked.

The African woman and her baby who shared my immigration prison cell weren’t laughing that night, either. Both of them were quietly crying. The world ends like this, says the poet T.S. Eliot: not with a bang, but a whimper.

Equally muffled cries arose from the hardened soil that I turned on November 21, near to the death house called the Mush Hole Indian residential school, built by the crowned Thing in 1832. I held in my hands the bones of unknown children on that day as one world ended, and another began.

Those three moments – the truth, the silencing, and the lonely vindication – blaze at me as this year ends, and we all wonder what 2012 will bring: not so much to remind me of the way things are, as to mark the termination of that whole trapped arrangement.

The lesson that it is all over has been yelping at me for some years now, and not because of a Mayan calendar. Frankly, I’ve been too intent on gnawing at the bare bones of injustice to notice what the lesson has been saying. Perhaps it was Billie’s death that paused my efforts, and made me able to recognize what finally came to rest in my hands – and what it all means.

I’ve done a lot of funerals over the years, and I’ve enjoyed most of them because of their inescapable honesty. The official mourners often seem mildly ashamed at their secret joy, of breathing while another lies dead in front of them, but what matters is that not one of them can deny what has happened. They all know the truth, and have to deal with it, somehow. Such are birthing moments.

The corpse makes them realize life, and its fragile perfection. Something is enlargened in them by facing death, and that awareness denies fear a place to enter, for in their mourning, there is vanquished the illusory hope that permits lies to take root.

Endings are what we mortals live for, because they define us. They are our most sacred encounters, for they sum up everything.

My Gaelic ancestors have a word for this summing up: Caoineadh, “the beautiful song”, which was traditionally sung at a chieftain’s funeral by hereditary mourners known as “keeners”.

The public wailing of these women was in fact the telling of the chieftain’s life story: his victories and his defeats, his character, and the purpose of his being. As his life was recounted, the soul – which was said to hover over its corpse for three days – took comfort and strength from the lessons of this latest life, for its next journey to another incarnation.

The stereotypical Irish wake – a happy drunk fest, according to British Imperial detractors – was in truth the pinnacle of community joy, for in their shared lament, everyone played a part in the completion of the cosmic cycle of one life, in the re-birthing of a soul imbued with wisdom and grace.

Their mourning was in fact the first gasping breath of a new existence.

That’s how I see our situation as 2012 dawns.

Typically, our attention as a people has been on everything but ourselves: on the Mayan cycle, or other people’s prophecies, and not on our own. Yet everything in us speaks a simple truth, known to us away from the clatter of life and our own worry, and that is this: we cannot be born into the new world awaiting us, because we have not yet learned that we have already died.

Our modern western world is like a wandering spirit that knows not that is has passed on, and is trapped and terrified in an illusory limbo world. It is small wonder that the Nuu-chah-nulth people where I live first called us Europeans the “mu multh nees”: ghost people.

We have been such a people for some time – but in our deep fear and denial of death, of what we have become, we have been blind to ourselves.

It’s hardly an accident that as our Christian culture became more psychotic and blood soaked over the centuries, its fear of death multiplied, for we see the world not as it is, but as we are.

Much as modern America’s terrorist-obsessed mind has no escape but in more violence because it sees everyone as a reflection of its own terror, the western world spawned by a “catholic” church that tried to murder Christ and his way can no longer know the life that comes after death. And so we can only fear and deny the fact that we have already died.

I’m not mistaken that we as a people are not simply dying, but are already dead. And here’s the simple proof.

A people who are alive respond with outrage, and action, when the lives of their children are threatened. They rush to protect the future generation. They cannot live alongside that which murders or rapes them.

Similarly, a people who are alive defend their natural world and its sacred bounty and health, for their very existence depends on their doing so.

On the other hand, a people who have died do not respond to any of these threats, for they feel nothing. They cannot perform the most basic steps of self-preservation. They simply function, like parts of an unthinking machine, just as we are doing: but in our case, our actions as a culture all seem designed to actually ensure our own final destruction.

That is who and what we have become: denizens of Necropolis – the City of the Dead, which sucks the vitality out of all life on our planet. And the more we impact our world, the quicker the death we embody spreads, toxifying and radiating our world. And what we do to ourselves in the material world is an expression of a spiritual death that long preceded it.

How can we awaken our collective self – our higher mind – to our own death? By lamenting. We can sing to ourselves our own Caoineadh, the beautiful recounting of who we were and what we did in our life as a people – and how we came to die. And then our hovering soul will know it is time to release, and move on.

Tonight, I awakened to the fact that this is precisely what I’ve been doing since 1995: counseling my own people through their death agony by telling the tale of how something called European Christendom caused its own destruction, and those it conquered.

I called it an exorcism when I stood outside the Vatican on two occasions and compelled a dead spirit to depart from there. But then, as now, I was simply singing the same requiem ritual to that which is finally awakening to its own demise.

So what does all this mean for us now, on the first day of a momentous new year?

For nearly twenty years, I have described and documented the crimes of my people, and brought them to the world. And yet ultimately, all of these efforts have fallen on deaf hearts and ears: those of the dead.

There is no public reaction to all the evidence of murder and torture of children by church and state, because there can be no response that actually stops the crime from happening again. We have finally recognized what we are a part of: soulless institutions of the Lie, that have no heart or purpose save self-perpetuation. And so now, to quote one of my friends, it is time to “Leave the dead to bury the dead”.

It is time to let go of everything, and allow our collective self to dream its being into a new life, and begin all over again.

So I’m not worrying anymore about proving to the world that Mohawk children were murdered and buried on the grounds of the Brantford Anglican school. We know it happened. So does the Crown and Church of England, who caused the slaughter.

Instead, I am resolved to dismantle both of those institutions, and all those like them, so that they can do no more harm. Only thus can we awaken their inhabitants to their dead condition, and allow their souls to move on.

To do so, we don’t need another Tribunal, or an Inquiry into the obvious. For even with such an inquiry and its final proof that those who rule this society are mass killers, who would impose on these guilty groups any sentence? How can we enforce our verdict on the Genocide, without wielding our own force to make justice real?

We are faced, ultimately, with a question of power, and who wields it. We need therefore a spiritual and a political revolution, from the bottom up, to reinvent society so that the City of Death is no more.

To replenish itself, the land lies fallow every few years. So too must we now let go of a murderous social disorder to allow ourselves to regenerate, and build a culture based on the Great Law of peace and equality.

Thus, at the same time as we stop paying taxes and voting away our autonomy, and sever our economic involvement with society, we reclaim that stolen by a few, beginning with the land and our families. From the ground up, we fashion a republic of spiritual and social Equals in harmony with the earth.

So I turn my back on Canada, and its churches, and its corporate oligarchy, as I call you to do too, and on the City of Death wherever you encounter it.

I pledge myself in this year of 2012 to help begin our new life as a people whose allegiance is the Natural Law, by reclaiming our minds, our land, and our people from the death they have dwelt in for too long.

Now is the time for poets and bards to sing our captive hearts into a new reality, and for our true warriors to overthrow Necropolis and establish justice in the land, and the Natural Order.

We have sought fruitlessly for humanity from institutions that have none. Their time is over, and they will fall at our hands.

As Chippewa native elder Del Riley said recently,

“These churches that killed our people will not be allowed to legally operate on our territories anymore.”

The spiritual reclamation, and the material, has begun. And as that unfolds, the children who died, and those like Billie Combes who died in their defense, will begin to rest. But not before.

“Your wound is incurable, your injury beyond healing … But I will restore you to health, and heal your wounds’, says the Lord your God” – Jeremiah 30

peace treaty
Two Row Wampum Treaty of Peace and Equality