An Update on the Investigation of Bones Unearthed at Canada’s oldest Indian residential school – and a Response to Fear Mongering by the APTN

Posted on February 05, 2012 by itccs

Rumor Control Department Memo:

By Kevin D. Annett of the ITCCS, acting under the protection of the Turtle Clan of the Onkwehonwe (Mohawk) Nation of the Grand River

Sifting for Evidence on Mohawk Sovereign Territory

Yesterday, a misleading, inaccurate and inflammatory report was aired by the state-funded “Aboriginal People’s Television Network” (APTN) across Canada, concerning the status of our inquiry into the buried remains of children who died at the Church of England’s Mohawk Institute Indian residential school.

Since the purpose of the APTN telecast appears to be to cast doubt on our inquiry, distract viewers from the crimes of church and state, and generate a fear that the bones we have unearthed have “mysteriously gone missing”, we are compelled to both issue this clarification, and state categorically that all of the bone samples we have sent away for analysis are safely in the hands of competent specialists.

We therefore challenge APTN to stick to accurate journalism, and assist rather than impede the uncovering of the truth about the fate of the many children who died in the Mohawk school.

The State of our Inquiry

As is known by both APTN reporter Donna Smith and archaeologist Kris Nahrgang, who colluded in the APTN report’s obfuscation of the truth, our inquiry is temporarily on hold for the cold winter months while the bones we have uncovered in Brantford are being analyzed at an American research facility.

Between October 5 and November 28, 2011, our research team surveyed lands and conducted a shallow test dig on grounds adjacent to the former Mohawk school. We did so under the authority and with the permission of nine elders of the Mohawk Nation of the Grand River. A total of twenty eight separate bone samples were unearthed, along with considerable pieces of charcoal and buttons which were positively identified as coming from uniforms worn by children at the school.

Kris Nahrgang of Trent University and Greg Olson, an Ontario Fire Marshal, examined some of these bones in late November in the presence of Mohawk elders and myself. Mr. Olson claimed then “with ninety percent certainty” that one of the bones was human, and Mr. Nahrgang said that this was possible. However, both men agreed that an analysis of the bones by a forensic specialist was required to be sure, and they were both subsequently informed that the bone samples were in fact sent to such experts.

The bones were initially mailed to a forensic anthropologist in British Columbia, but his role as an advisor to the RCMP and his aversion to proceeding with tests without first consulting that agency caused us to seek a more neutral individual who was not associated with the very police agency responsible for the crimes we are investigating. Accordingly, the bones were re-issued to a leading forensic specialist at an American research facility during late December.

Because of the considerable rumor mongering surrounding our work, the authorizing elders have decided since then to maintain tighter control over press statements and information relating to the dig. For that reason, we are refraining from sharing the results of the forensic examination of these bones until a definitive report can be issued by experts who all concur in the findings. We expect this will occur by March, 2012.

Misinformation and Scare Mongering by the APTN: A Big Distraction?

The recent broadcast by APTN concerning our work claimed without proof that the bones we unearthed have “mysteriously gone missing”, and features Kris Nahrgang questioning the integrity of our work and suggesting that we have an ulterior motive. Since both Nahrgang and reporter Donna Smith know where and when the bones were sent for examination, their claim is deliberately misleading, and designed to mislead.

What is mysterious is not the fate of these bone samples, but why Nahrgang and Smith are choosing to create such a red herring in order to distract from the real issue, which is that the Anglican Church and Crown of England are the ones causing key evidence to go missing, by locking away documents and other evidence related to the death of children at the Mohawk school. This cover up by the church was never mentioned in the APTN report.

Donna Smith has been notified on several occasions since November that local Anglican Bishop Bob Bennett ordered the silencing of clergy and church researchers with a ten year “gag order”, and has locked away from all scrutiny an official Crown document from 1870 which Leona Moses, one of the researchers, has called “a smoking gun” because of its authorization of a deliberate plan to exterminate the Mohawk Nation by means of the Brantford Indian residential school.

One would assume that such an explosive revelation would have been the chief item of any credible news report looking into the Mohawk school inquiry. And yet the APTN continues to ignore such evidence of church cover up of planned genocide.

Equally questionable is the fact that it was Kris Nahrgang on his own initiative who invited APTN reporter Donna Smith to the November meeting where we met he and Olson to examine the bone samples, without the knowledge or permission of the Mohawk elders. Such apparent collusion by Nahrgang and Smith has yet to be explained by either of them.

These facts strongly suggest that the recent APTN “report” on our inquiry was simply a staged smear of our work, designed to discredit it and cause fear and division among the Mohawk elders who are authorizing the investigation.

None of this will stop our efforts to return for a proper burial the remains of children murdered at the Mohawk school, and to determine how and why they died. It simply casts doubt on the credibility of so-called “aboriginal” media like the APTN, which is in reality a funded arm of the Canadian government, which is itself liable for the crimes at the Mohawk school.

The full results of our analyses of the bone samples and other evidence will be released in March, and the excavations at the Brantford school will continue, as part of a wider campaign to indict the Crown of England, the Anglican Church and the Vatican for crimes against humanity.

Stay tuned to for updates.