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by Kevin D. Annett

Even after microfilm came along, the secrets were stored in long manila file folders tucked randomly throughout the acres of shelves of at least four different departments of the government of Canada. It was reasoned that no-one would ever bother looking there, even if they did learn of the secrets, which was unlikely.

Occasionally, a zealous or naïve researcher would trip across one piece of the horrifying enigma, and ask questions that would lead nowhere, for there was no answer. How, after all, could Canada have done such horrors – and to live children? There had to be some mistake.

A Belgian student who had no particular loyalty to the Canadian Myth did try to push the envelope once, during the summer of 1995, when she was interning as a research assistant for a Carleton University historian who had access to government records. She doggedly connected the evidence and found that Canada and its American bio-weapon contractors had for years been testing out a race-specific virus that killed only Indians.

The woman imprudently told her boyfriend about it, and unfortunately, he had a brother in law who was an inspector with the RCMP. The Belgian lady vanished, and all her belongings perished in an unexplained house fire.

Just in case of the unforeseen, a cover story had been standing by for some years, but it needed dusting off whenever children went missing or piles of bones appeared where they shouldn’t have. For the experiments have never ceased, and not just concerning deadly pathogens.

It was all part of the labors of Section Y. Long time government insiders in Ottawa used to joke about Section Y, and the oddballs who worked for it, possibly to mask their own fear of its operations.

The man whom we’ll call Dr. Gustav Meyer, of course, never could keep a secret, even after his SS military background was scrubbed as clean as an Aryan’s pedigree after World War Two, and he went to work for the federal health department under the cover of a Royal Canadian Air Force doctor named Bob Armstrong. Meyer loved to mingle with matrons and nabobs at Ottawa gala social functions and answer the inevitable query about his occupation with the remark,

“I tear the wings off helpless little butterflies.”

Gustav Meyer ran Section Y for the Canadian government, and it wasn’t insects he ripped apart.

How Meyer and Section Y found their way to the Nanaimo Indian Hospital on the west coast of Canada is not hard to imagine, considering the number of Indian children imprisoned there, and their cheap availability. They were, in Meyer’s parlance, “virgin targets”: an expression he’d picked up, rather perversely, from his former enemies, just after the immolation of his home town Dresden: a beautiful baroque city of no military significance that 800 RAF bombers wiped out completely one evening in February, 1945, after dubbing it a “virgin target”. Meyer, presumably, wanted some revenge for his 90,000 barbecued family members, friends and neighbors.

Meyer preferred torturing kidnapped Jews and blacks to death in his RCAF laboratories at the Lincoln Park Air Force Base in Calgary, and at the chemical weapons test range in Suffield, Alberta during the 1950’s and ‘60’s, but Indian kids were the next best thing. He found that Indians, for some reason, lasted longer when exposed to various deadly pathogens and chemical agents: findings he described enthusiastically in his bi-monthly reports to the Defense Research Board in Ottawa.

But the SS doctor was under major contract as well with NASA and the US Army, both of whom paid him handsomely to probe the limits of human endurance to pain, and how it affected the brain’s capacity to function in combat. US soldiers guarded his grisly slaughter of “patients” at the Lincoln Park facility, where he’d burn kidnapped children and transients with chemical agents and blowtorches until their flesh peeled away. They all died, of course, save one eyewitness, who lives in hiding today but who wrote about the nightmare.

Dr. Gustav Meyer – “Major Bob Armstrong” – was never arrested or suspected of anything, because he enjoyed the same kind of top security protection as Joseph Mengele, his mentor at Auschwitz, and all the other Nazis who worked for the Americans and at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, where Meyer began his work. He was not a man consumed by fear, which was, after all, his primary research interest.

Meyer set up his torture room at the Nanaimo Indian Hospital in the spring of 1967. He got along well with the local United Church crowd, and was a constant church goer, for the same church funded and helped operate the Nanaimo hospital. Meyer killed dozens of children there.

Thanks to all the Indian children delivered to him by the United Church from its Alberni Indian residential school, Meyer was personally responsible for the slow death by chemical injections and other tortures of the uncle of my friend, whom I’ll call Charlie George, during the spring of 1970, just before Section Y closed down its Nanaimo Indian Hospital operation. The victim was a boy ten years old, and what was left of him was buried in a hill now overgrown with blackberry bushes not far from Vancouver Island University, behind barbed wire fences still patrolled by Canadian soldiers.

None of Charlie George’s family ever talked about what happened to him until the dead boy’s sister mentioned it to me in 1999 – the same year I met the survivor of the Lincoln Park holocaust.

And since then, of course, I have not let it lie: much to the chagrin of the government of Canada, which was forced to confirm the existence of “Bob Armstrong”, and of Section Y, in 2004.

The year I encountered the truth, in 1999, all of the records of Lincoln Park, and the Nanaimo Indian Hospital, and all other Indian Hospitals, were “officially sealed” by the Canadian government.

Nanaimo Indian Hospital – survivor Joan Morris, who was imprisoned there for years as a child and experimented on

A New Focus and some Tactical Advice concerning our Upcoming Actions

Notice from Kevin Annett and Occupy the Vatican:

Dear friends and supporters,

Groups in twenty cities across the world are launching protests, occupations and public defrockings of known child-raping priests at Catholic churches, beginning this Palm Sunday and Easter, on April 1 and 8.

These protests have until now been very effective in gathering public and media support, and exposing crimes by the churches.

On Palm Sunday, 2007, for instance, our Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD) network in Vancouver and Toronto occupied Catholic churches during their services, alongside survivors of the murderous Indian residential schools; and after considerable media coverage of the FRD actions, barely a month later, the Canadian government was forced to address in Parliament the matter of the dead residential school children for the first time.

Thus, our occupation actions in churches achieved more in one day in exposing the Canadian genocide than had been won in the previous five or more years.

With all of the international exposure since 2007 of church-sponsored crimes against humanity, including the personal complicity of the pope in concealing child rape and trafficking, the potential impact of these direct occupations of criminal churches is infinitely greater, especially now that we have linked hands with the Global occupy movement and Occupy the Vatican.

We therefore urge you all to be as audacious and public as possible in the actions you mount during April and beyond, as we unite around the call to disestablish and reclaim the space of churches engaged in crimes against humanity and children.

But remember always that our aim is to reach the hearts and the minds of church goers and congregations, and separate them from the hierarchy of the church corporations that have committed these crimes in their name and with their support and money.

In this regard, the work of a new network of serving clergy within Protestant and Catholic churches, known as Not in Our Name, is very encouraging, for it represents a movement within official Christianity to repudiate the child raping, genocidal legacy of Christendom. Their statement is reproduced here, and we urge you to circulate it to church goers as part of your actions on April 1 and 8.

Further in this vein, we’ve found that psychologically, church goers tend to close ranks against a perceived external threat like angry protestors, and can’t hear what they have to say.

Conversely, when we individually infiltrate church services and speak to congregants one on one, we outflank this aversion and make headway with the church goers. Using such methods last November, our Occupy the Vatican group in Vancouver actually caused some of the burly “Knights of Columbus” who were barring us access to the main Catholic cathedral to begin weeping as they were told of the missing and murdered children in Catholic schools.

In addition, infiltration methods into church services downplay and negate our small numbers and play up our real strength, which is our compassionate, moral high ground of our message. When we have fifty or a hundred people, then we can stage overt and visible actions; but short of that, if you are but a handful next Sunday, each of you can be a formidable army just by sharing the truth we hold with Christians who are ignorant of the murderous nature and history of their own church.

For this reason, we urge you this Sunday, and the next, to enter your targeted church individually, or in pairs, and disseminate information to people, try to make a statement during the “announcements” section of the service, or even try unfurling a banner or sign respectfully and peacefully during the service. There is no need for a mandatory protest outside if there are only a few of you, since your impact will be much greater inside the building rather than on the sidewalk.

Finally, and of direct relevance to this new focus and tactic, is the fact that we have been issued a legal Right of Entry into publicly-funded buildings like the taxpayer-supported Catholic and Protestant churches in your city. This legal right has been explicitly authorized in writing by various indigenous tribal chiefs, such as siem Kiapilano in Vancouver and some of the Mohawk elders, but more generally, it is a common law right that all of us enjoy based on something called a Necessity Defense under that law.

That is, citizens have the right to enter any place and arrest those suspect if they believe a crime is being committed and the police and courts refuse to intervene.

Since cops and governments everywhere are colluding openly in protecting the churches and their crimes against the innocent, our Right of Entry is thus required and guaranteed. And if the police or private security thugs try to evict or stop you from entering the church buildings, charge them publicly, on film, with aiding and abetting known child raping-and-killing organizations.

Rarely do churches want that kind of bad publicity.

In other words, it isn’t you who is trespassing or disrupting a religious service: on the contrary, you are engaged in a moral and community-protection action that must not be interfered with.

It’s vital that there are at least three or four of you working together on any such direct entry strategy; that someone not openly identified with your group videos the event or U tube posting afterwards; and that you try to directly reach the people in the pews.

We are enclosing a leaflet (download rtf here and below) for distribution in the churches on April 1 and 8.

Please send us reports and post the filmed proof of your action on You tube or by emailing it to us for our re-posting.

Further updates are pending.

May all strength and resolve be with you all, as you remember why we act: for the dead children, and for those who will suffer tomorrow if we don’t act today to end the power of criminal church corporations.

To all of you across Canada, the USA, Ireland, England, Italy, Latin America and Australia: audacity and courage!

Here is the text of the leaflet – please download the rtf and print and distribute at catholic churches on April 1 and 8:

Stop the Vatican’s War of Terror on Children and Liberty!

This Church is under Public Occupation until Justice is Won!

Statement to Church Goers and the Public:

Sunday, April 1 and 8, 2012

We are claiming this church as public space today under a Common Law Necessity Defense, which requires that citizens act to protect themselves when police and courts refuse to do so.

The Roman Catholic Church is a clear and ongoing threat to the safety of children everywhere.

Not only has it caused the death of untold hundreds of thousands of children in its orphanages, Indian residential schools and sweatshops, but Church policy requires that priests conceal rape and violence against children in their parishes, under the papal directive called Crimen sollicitationis.

Your child is not safe in this church, or anywhere in the catholic system.

Pope Joseph Ratzinger is personally implicated in concealing child rape and trafficking in his church, and is facing legal action for obstructing justice.

Aboriginal elders have issued eviction orders to Catholic churches on their territories for the Vatican’s crimes against humanity. We in Occupy the Vatican are enforcing those orders today, and declaring this church as free and open public space, especially to the poor and the homeless.

We ask all church goers to respect these facts by not obstructing our actions, and by withholding all money and tithing to this church.

We ask you to join with us to uphold the rights and safety of children, and hold the Vatican accountable for its centuries of crimes, and its ongoing injury to the innocent.

Join our action, and learn more at:
, ,

Issued by Occupy the Vatican – Local contact:

Not In Our Name: A Declaration of Concerned Protestant and Catholic Clergy and Laity, with a Ten Point Program to Bring the Church to Justice and Protect the Innocent

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Not In Our Name: A Declaration of Concerned Protestant and Catholic Clergy and Laity, with a Ten Point Program to Bring the Church to Justice and Protect the Innocent

child of god
Child of God

We are a group of Protestant and Catholic clergy who are compelled by our faith and conscience to speak out and act against the continuing reign of corruption, lies and criminality that predominates in the so-called Christian Church today.

This is a cry to all people of faith to awaken to the evil in which we are immersed.

The Church has betrayed Christ and humanity by committing unpardonable evil against countless children and “non-believers”, denying its victims justice, and absolving itself of any accountability for its crimes. The Pope himself is implicated in protecting known child rapists in his church, and presides over a system of massive, institutionalized child abuse and trafficking.

The Church is also responsible for a long history of brutality, theft, genocide and destruction committed over centuries on non-Christians and the innocent. This slaughter began over fifteen centuries ago, at the founding of the Church of Rome, and continues today.

The killing of millions of women and dissident Christians under Inquisitions, the Crusading ethic of Indulgence – which promised spiritual cleansing to anyone who killed Jews, Muslims and other “enemies of the faith” – and the eventual genocide of untold millions of indigenous people around the world with Christian blessing: all of this arose from the Church’s belief that it has the power to kill and conquer in the name of the same Christ who said, “Put away your swords”.

The Vatican is responsible for the greatest slaughter of humanity in history because of two papal bulls (Romanus Pontifex, 1455, and Inter Catera, 1493) – proclaimed and still operative under so-called Canon Law – that sanctioned and encouraged the destruction and enslavement of all non-Christian peoples: the majority of humanity. The vast wealth of the Vatican today rests upon the stolen and unreturned lands of many of those nations.

Is it surprising, then, that for just as long, the Church has sanctioned the torture, rape and even murder of innocent children in its orphanages, sweatshops, and “residential schools” around the world?

Are we surprised that such a violent and wealthy organization places its own material survival ahead of justice for the innocents it has wronged, or for the world’s starving millions? Or, that under the canon law known as Crimen Solicitationas, every Catholic priest is expected to hide the evidence of the rape of children and allow this abomination to go unpunished, or face expulsion from the Church?

We are aware that Protestant churches as well are guilty of these crimes. The Anglican Church of England, the United Church of Canada, and Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Baptist and other churches in America and around the world also caused the torture and death of children in their schools and orphanages. These churches continue to aid and abet child rapists, and shelter such criminals in their ranks. The example may be set by Catholic Rome, but it is actively copied by others.

These facts are irrefutable, and yet Christians continue to give their attendance, money and allegiance to the church corporations with such blood on their hands and lies on their lips.

We have all, by commission and omission, given our support to the anti-Christ in our midst and allowed ourselves to be used to commit the worst of all sins: violence against the sacred holy spirit of God and the innocent.

All of these desecrations against God and humanity have been done in our name. They must be undone. And yet before we can cleanse ourselves of this enormous wrong and apostasy, we must recognize that the true body of Christ could not have committed such evil – only a false Church could.

Since Christ is manifest in every man and woman, the kingdom of heaven being within us, then churches which claim to “represent” Christ and yet violate and harm with impunity human beings, and children, are a lie and a violation of God’s law and human dignity.

We therefore name the Church and its denominations responsible for such wrong as apostate, anti-Christ and servants of the world rather than of God; and we declare ourselves spiritually and actively absolved from our allegiance to such a lie, and to these church organizations.

In faith, we seek instead to re-establish a genuine Christianity not tied to these crimes and to a history of genocide and institutionalized child abuse.

The present, false Church is the offspring of the murderous legacy of Christendom, which is an empire of conquest and violence arising from the adulterous union of church and state under the later Roman emperors. Yet Christendom still operates today through wealthy, state-protected church organizations which are a law unto themselves: legal corporations in league with the state, answerable neither to God nor to their own congregations of believers.

Christendom is a heresy and a denial of the supremacy of Christ and his sacrifice. For we owe our allegiance to God, not to church bodies deriving their power and legitimacy from government and financial institutions, and worldly wealth. For the kingdom of Christ is not of this world.

For this reason, to cleanse ourselves of this enormous sin and crime, and to help reinvent and re-establish a genuine Christian faith rooted in true discipleship to the non-violent poor one Jesus Christ, we are issuing the following Ten Point Program.

We believe that these measures are required for the church to be brought under public control so that it no longer operates as a secret, criminal body preying on the innocent. There can be no “apology” or healing of the crimes of Christendom without the enacting of these concrete measures to make justice a reality for the living and the dead. (note: We are referring to all churches responsible for these crimes, Protestant and Catholic, when we use the term “The Church”)

1. The Church must issue full reparations to all of its victims according to their wishes and needs. The Church must pay for all of the costs incurred by their damage to these victims, including all medical, counseling and retraining costs, and all loss of income caused by their disability or grief and suffering.

2. The Church must return all land and property taken from its victims, and restore and return all of the wealth generated by their exploitation of their victims to them, including the wealth gained through forced, unpaid or low paid labor.

3. The Church must surrender for a proper burial, unconditionally and at its own expense, the remains of all those who died in their institutions or under their care.

4. The Church must surrender to secular authorities without conditions all the evidence, and all the perpetrators and their accessories, connected to such deaths and to any other crimes against children and others under church care. The Church must participate unconditionally in any legal or human rights inquiries into their crimes and freely disclose their records to such investigations.

5. Those responsible for crimes against children and others in church facilities, including the Pope, must be arrested and tried in civil or international courts of law, and cannot be shielded from prosecution by any form of immunity or by so-called “canon law”.

6. All clergy and church employees must be licensed and monitored as public servants, and be legally compelled to swear a public, binding oath to protect the rights and sanctity of children, and disclose any harm done to them, if need be against the orders of the Church itself.

7. All tax exemptions, immunities, legal safeguards and special privileges enjoyed by the Church must be abolished.

8. Diplomatic recognition of the Vatican and its status as a so-called “state” must be annulled.

9. All special concordats and financial agreements with the Vatican must be annulled, and all public funds and taxes given to the Vatican and all other churches must be returned to the people in the form of a direct, public redistribution of that wealth to the poor.

10. The wealth and property of all church bodies larger than a single congregation must be nationalized and placed under public ownership, so that the Church may function as a servant of the community and especially of the poor.

We, the founding clergy of the Protestant and Roman Catholic faiths united in our group Not in Our Name, do solemnly pledge ourselves to this program and allegiance, and call upon all Christians and clergy to do the same.

Henceforth, and until this Program is enacted and the Church is disestablished as a corporate, self-governing, criminal body, we will conduct ourselves and our pastoral duties separate from and in opposition to corporate Christendom and its existing churches.

We call upon all true believers to reclaim their spiritual sovereignty and help us re-establish the true church of Jesus Christ, by disassociating themselves from corporate Christendom and its false churches, and the Vatican. Begin this new Reformation now by not giving money and tithings to the Catholic and Protestant churches responsible for crimes against the innocent and God.

We ask and pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, our one and ultimate authority.

We are twenty four clergy in Canada, the United States, Ireland, England, Australia and Italy, who are affiliated with Not in Our Name.

Duly signed and ratified this Fifteenth Day of March, 2012

(Names to follow)

Please share this with clergy and laity and sign it. You can reach us through Rev. Caoimhin Ui Niall at

knot of life
Knot of Life

“A New Reformation”

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Breaking News: “A New Reformation” to stop the Vatican’s War of Terror on the Innocent will Commence during “Holy Week”, Sunday, April 1:

A Call to Action by Occupy the Vatican

occupy 3
Occupy the Vatican


Survivors of church terror and their allies are taking direct action against the world’s oldest and most ruthless criminal, starting Palm Sunday, April 1.

Occupy the Vatican and survivor’s groups in eight countries will launch church occupations, teach-ins, protests, and even “public defrockings” that day that will include the issuing of a New Reformation Charter, containing a ten point program to abolish the power of the Vatican as a criminal body.

The April 1 campaign will include actions by a new group within the churches called Not in Our Name, comprising Catholic and Protestant clergy who support the legal disestablishment of criminal church corporations like the Vatican and the Church of England, and a return to an egalitarian, congregational system of Christianity devoid of the genocidal legacy of Christendom.

Joining this Occupy movement will be traditional indigenous elders in Canada from the Mohawk, Squamish and Ojibway nations who survived Catholic and Protestant “Indian residential schools”, and who will be issuing new banishment orders to evict these churches from their lands.

In Ireland, plans are afoot to conduct “public defrockings” of known child raping priests who the authorities refuse to prosecute.

“We won’t let these bastards pose as men of God anymore, or practice in our communities. We’ll toss them out of the churches on their ass” described Colm O’Brien of Wexford, a member of Occupy the Vatican Ireland.

In Rome, Occupy supporters plan to create a human “exorcism” chain around the Vatican on Easter Sunday, April 8, to “expel the spirit of lies and violence” from the church.

occupy 2
Occupy the Vatican – Vancouver confronts the catholic church, October 2011

Besides these direct actions, Occupy the Vatican is working with members and officials of the European Parliament and other nations to repeal the so-called “financial concordats” between the Vatican and governments, and to bring the operations of the Vatican Bank under public control and scrutiny.

“The important thing is to take action to dismantle the church from the ground up, and place it under public control. That’s the only way future generations of our children will be safe from a church that’s a law unto itself and feeds and profits off the suffering of the innocent” declared Caoimhin Ui Niall of Occupy the Vatican.

“Let everyone do something on April 1 and April 8 to end the reign of terror of this false church.”

For more information, including events in your area and copies of The New Reformation Charter and the Statement of Not in Our Name, contact Caoimhin Ui Niall at thecommonland at