Posted on June 11, 2012 by itccs

To all affiliates and supporters,

Recently, we notified you and the world of our new campaign to take direct action to publicize and arrest known child rapists among clergy. Since then, dozens of enthusiastic volunteers have contacted us from thirteen cities in North America, Australia and Europe, wanting to form local Child Protection Action Groups to help “name and detain” child rapists in the churches.

Towards this end, we have issued the attached leaflet for you to distribute at both Catholic and Protestant churches in your community. Please have it translated if needed, and list a local contact email or phone number on the bottom of this leaflet to encourage participation from concerned citizens.

The ITCCS will be issuing an organizing manual for CPAG organizers soon. We will also be posting an online archive at www.itccs.org containing the identity and location of known sex offenders among clergy and other church staff. Please contribute to this archive with your own information about child predators in your community.

Stay tuned for more updates about our wider campaign to disestablish the churches responsible for centuries of crimes against the innocent.

The CPAG leaflet is attached and is also reproduced below.

Much love, strength and courage to all of you, and keep us informed of your actions!

The Executive Council,
ITCCS International, Brussels, 10 June 2012

Ending the Reign of Terror against Children: We Will Name and Detain the Guilty
A Public Statement from the Children Protection Action Group*

This church is harboring known child rapists among its staff or clergy who are a constant danger to the children of our community. Because the church is allowed to hide its crimes and protect its rapists, and the police and courts refuse to intervene, we community members must act to defend our children.

We have done so by banding together into local Child Protection Action Groups (CPAG). Our CPAG will publish the names and pictures of child rapists within churches, and we will conduct citizens’ arrests to detain these criminals and deprive them of their office so they can no longer harm our children.

Join us today. The lives of our children and our future as a community are at stake. Child rape in the church is rampant and is escalating, and can only be stopped by an informed and active citizenry.

To provide information on child rapists to our CPAG or to join its actions, contact any of the numbers listed below. And consult our website at www.itccs.org for updates and to access our archive of church child offenders.

*CPAG is a network of community groups in five countries and is affiliated with The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (http://itccs.org)