International intervention frees Canadian Prisoner of Conscience Steve Finney

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 4 pm EST

He’s Out! International intervention frees Canadian Prisoner of Conscience Steve Finney – “Early morning call” to Ontario’s Attorney General spurred ITCCS leader’s release

Kitchener, Ontario:

The courage and resolve of Steve Finney himself, and phone calls from the ITCCS and a United Nations non-governmental body to the Ontario government, stopped cold an attempt by local judges and police to silence Finney and his campaign to confront child trafficking in Kitchener, Ontario.

Finney was released this afternoon in a sudden about-face by local authorities less than two hours after Ontario Attorney General John Gerretsen spoke with two human rights officials who have monitored Finney’s unlawful arrest and imprisonment.

According to one of these officials, who is a legal advisor to the ITCCS in Brussels,

“We can’t disclose the conversation we had with the Attorney General, out of mutual agreement with Mr. Gerretsen. But I can tell you that we informed him that we were preparing a motion at the United Nations to censure his government for its treatment of Mr. Finney. We were also going to name Finney as a prisoner of conscience if he wasn’t released, since he was clearly incarcerated because of his political beliefs.”

Kitchener Judge Michael Cuthbertson had just yesterday told Steve Finney that he would not be released on bail unless he formally renounced his involvement with the ITCCS, and denied anyone connected to ITCCS the right to offer sureties for Finney. The Crown Counsel had also attacked ITCCS in the bail hearing and suggested that Finney’s wife Amy Smart could be arrested for posting ITCCS videos on youtube.

“I feel fantastic” said Steve Finney in a brief telephone interview soon after his release.

“I’m more determined now to keep fighting than I was before the arrest. What I saw in Maplehurst prison was sick, like, men sleeping on the floors and these overcrowded dirty cells. But the 35 guys in my cell all know their rights better now after I told them about our work and how Canada is dissolved. I’m going to be out on the street tomorrow fighting for those guys and for our common law rights.”

A complete video interview with Steve Finney about his campaign, his unlawful arrest and his imprisonment will be posted tomorrow at .

Congratulations and thank you to the hundreds of people who rallied to Steve’s defence on such short notice. We’ve shown that police state tactics can be halted by the people working together.

Now let’s build on this victory and carry on with our common law courts and the struggle for the Republic of Kanata and for sovereign nations everywhere!

Issued by ITCCS Central, Brussels and Kevin D. Annett, ITCCS Field Secretary

2 October, 2013 9 pm GMT