Learning Liberty: A Common Law Workshop – May 14

Live from Radio Free Kanata and the Secret Teachings

Saturday, May 14 at 9 pm pacific, midnight eastern
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View this latest hard hitting presentation on the Common Law by Kevin Annett
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Your hosts Kevin Annett and Ryan Gable will conduct a two hour mini workshop on the theory and practice of the common law, including how to create and operate a common law court of record, and establish sovereignty as free men and women. 
Topics for discussion will include how to adjudicate common law cases involving child trafficking, chemtrails and institutional corruption.
The aim of the workshop is to equip people for action, giving listeners the skills and resolve to convene not only their own courts but Common Law Peoples Assemblies that can reclaim power directly in their communities. Practical instruction will include how to perform citizens arrests against convicted and known criminals, and conduct land and wealth reclamations in the face of corporate tyranny.
This live broadcast will be interactive, fielding questions and comments from the listeners.

Please tune in and equip yourself to reclaim our world!

Sponsored by the International Tribunal of Crimes and Church and State (ITCCS)

For information see 
www.itccs.org and contact secretguests@hotmail.com or hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com
Kevin Annett, Sacramento lecture, April 2016

Important ITCCS Update: November 25, 2014

Please note new ITCCS mailing address in the wake of another computer sabotage

The new email address of the ITCCS central Office is now itccsoffice@gmail.com . The former email (itccscentral@gmail.com) was sabotaged and blocked yesterday.

Please send all correspondence now to itccsoffice@gmail.com , with copies to hiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com .


Reflection: In Times like These

True Happiness in Times like These: The Lesson from my Fallen Uncle

by Kevin D. Annett

 Written on the 70th anniversary of his death for another


Sub.Lt. Robert I.L. Annett (author’s uncle), front row, third from right (killed in action)

He comprehends his trust, and to the same keeps faithful with a singleness of aim;

And therefore does not stoop, nor lie in wait for wealth, or honours, or for worldly state, or mild concerns of ordinary life;

But who, if he be called upon to face some awful moment to which Heaven has joined great issues, good or bad for human kind, Is happy as a Lover; and attired with sudden brightness, like a Man inspired.

He to whom neither shape of danger can dismay, nor thought of tender happiness betray; Who, not content that former worth stand fast, looks forward, persevering to the last.

Or if he must fall to sleep without his fame, and leave a dead unprofitable name, finds comfort in himself and in his cause;

And, while the mortal mist is gathering, draws His breath in confidence of Heaven’s applause:

This is the happy Warrior; this is he whom every Man in arms should wish to be.

- “The Happy Warrior” by William Wordsworth, 1770-1850


My father is the only one in the faded photograph who still draws breath.

He was a boy of fifteen when the family photo was taken: the day before his eldest brother Bob left forever to serve as the youngest officer on the doomed Canadian destroyer HMCS Athabaskan.

My younger father stares soberly into the camera, bearing the same troubled look as every other member of his family, save one: nineteen year old Bob himself, whose easy and gentle smile seems untouched by the war that waits to engulf him.

One of the sailors who survived the Germans’ torpedoing of the Athabaskan seven decades ago this evening, on April 29, 1944, described, later, how Bob wore the same confident radiance in the dark and icy waters of the English Channel as men died about him. He recalls how Bob tried leading the ship’s survivors in song to keep their spirits and them alive, as the ship sank and the waters burned with diesel oil.

And in the midst of the carnage, Bob actually gave up his life jacket to a wounded man.

Last week, I held the old Annett family photograph in my hands as my Dad sipped his scotch and remembered his last memory of brother Bob.

“He could have spent his embarkation leave in town, whooping it up, or seeing his fiancee Elaine. But instead he drove out to see me, his kid brother, and he roused me out of bed and wrestled with me and cheered me up. He was that kind of a guy”.

I gazed at the snapshot and said,

“From the looks of all of you, it’s like you all knew he was going to die”

Dad nodded, and replied softly, and unashamedly awed,

“And look at his smile”

To those accustomed to the sluggish death we like to call peace time, the highest concern one can bestow on another is the admonition to “Be safe”. Even my closest friends tell me that all the time, as if safeguarding one’s own life is some kind of bottom line. It wasn’t for my Uncle Bob, nor is it for anyone like him who discovers the secret of life.

The same people who puzzle over how Bob is the only one smiling in that final photograph are the same ones who comment with regret that Bob died because he gave away his life jacket, as if it would have been possible for him to do anything else when faced with another man drowning from his wounds.

The desperate selfishness of “everyday” life spares us the chance to be fully human that is thrust so starkly upon on us by war. And so far too many of us go away sad and troubled by the actions of shining lights like my Uncle Bob, never understanding the drama: like the crowd who encountered Jesus on his cross and saw only bloodshed.

How habitually do we struggle to shore up the unsalvageable – our own mortal life – and refuse to live for that one moment when we find our real purpose in life by giving up our life entirely for what is right and necessary.

Perhaps Bob was so radiant in that final family photograph because he knew that his own special moment was approaching; and knowing his own measure and loving what he saw, he knew he would not fail. As for the others in the picture, how could their sadness be anything but their knowledge that they could not share in Bob’s moment?

We do not live in a time of peace, as much as we pretend we do. The war in which we are all now immersed, like all wars, is rapidly clarifying everything with the same simple truth, and choice, given to my Uncle Bob in the cold waters: If we do not act, others will die.

The particular happiness of true warriors is that they can devote every moment to the service of that deed, which is after all, the essential thing. And for those who shrink back from such necessary action, there is no remedy, and no ultimate happiness.

That is why I can’t understand or give consideration any longer to the multitudes of “concerned” but immobilized people who shrink back from doing what is necessary to save not only the lives of children, but our lands and our liberties, now, amidst this final war being waged against humanity by a global machinery of death.

At desperate moments like this, hope does come to us, but always at a great cost.

What does awaken us are living examples of a true man, or woman, who show that we are not measured by our capacity to “Be safe”, but rather, to be True, regardless of the cost.

That is the secret of Bob’s smile, and of my own: a reflection of the special opportunity granted to every human being, which no tyrant can rob from us, and no cataclysm can undo.

Will you seize that noble chance?


Kevin Annett was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013 and 2014. His personal website is www.KevinAnnett.com

Common Law Sheriffs to Arrest UK Monarch, Popes Ratzinger and Bergoglio, Seize Church Property

Kevin Annett: Common law sheriffs training to arrest UK Monarch, Popes Ratzinger & Bergoglio, seize Church property


VANCOUVER, BC – In a joint interview from the USA with Joshua JD Lemmens of Radio Warrior.ca and Alfred Lambremont Webre of ExopoliticsTV, Kevin Annett, Field Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), indicated that Common law Sheriffs are now being professionally trained to enforce its arrest warrants, subpoenas, and verdicts. (Persons interested in Court training, please see the Tribunal contact information below).

Kevin Annett announced that from June 29 – July 6, 2014, he will be leading an ITCCS enforcement delegation accompanied by EU politicians and other dignitaries to England and to Rome to enforce Court arrest warrants against Elizabeth Windsor, Joseph Ratzinger and others already convicted by the Common Law Court of Justice for child trafficking and murder, Genocide and other crimes against humanity.

www.itccs.org / www.iclcj.com








Invocando la Dissoluzione Legale e Spirituale della Chiesa di Roma e Associati,

il Vaticano e la Santa Sede


Emessa Come Annullamento Legale e Ordine di Emancipazione

dalla Corte di Giustizia Internazionale della Common Law (Legge Popolare) e

dal Concordato della Libera Congregazione di Cristiani la Domenica di Pasqua

il Ventesimo Giorno d’Aprile dell’Anno 2014


Con la presente annunciamo a tutti gli uomini e le donne, alle persone e le autorita` sotto la Legge Suprema di Dio espressa nella Legge Popolare della Natura e dei Diritti Naturali che da questo giorno la istituzione ed entita` della Chiesa di Roma, la curia, il clero, gli associati e i derivati e la propria entita` corporativa e` da ora e per sempre abolita e dissolta come entita` corporativa e spirituale. Tutti gli esseri e i poteri sotto la precedente autorita` e influenza di essa e in obbedienza a essa sono da ora e per sempre emancipati e liberi di tale servitu` obbligata.

La Chiesa di Roma ha distrutto la propria ragione di esistere e ha deciso di indossare le vesti di una rinnegata organizzazione criminale transnazionale di fronte a Dio e gli esseri umani e sotto le leggi di cielo e terra, avendo violato e condotto una guerra inesorabile contro Dio e l’umanita`attraverso la propria storia di crimini commessi: omicidio, apostasia, sacrifici di bambini e idolatria. Ha percio` ripudiato i requisiti concordati del proprio dovere di sostenere l’onore di Cielo e Terra assieme alla vita e dignita` degli esseri umani.

L’autorita` finale de Dio, espressa nelle corti di giustizia di legge popolare De Jure e nelle congregazioni di uomini e donne giuste e veritiere, annulla di conseguenza l’esistenza della Chiesa di Roma, la cosidetta “Successione Apostolica” e la cosidetta “Legge Canonica.”

Percio` da questo giorno dichiariamo che tali leggi e statuti insieme agli uffici della chiesa e il clero sono abolite per sempre, avendo nessun effetto o autorita` vincolante in cielo o in terra.

Con la presente, tutti i funzionari e agenti della Chiesa di Roma, cominciando con Jorge Bergoglio, il cosidetto Pontefice della Chiesa Di Roma, e ogni Cardinale della Curia Romana, i direttori della Banca Vaticana e Adolfo Pachon, Preposito “Superiore” dell’Ordine dei Gesuiti, sono esortati a dimettersi e rinunciare alle loro cariche.

Con la presente, le ricchezze, le proprieta` e i gli assetti liquidi della Chiesa di Roma sono requisiti e dichiarati la proprieta` comune dei Popoli del mondo, avendo essi il diritto di accedervi e sequestrarli pacificamente.

Con la presente, ogni membro, impiegato o aderente alla Chiesa Cattolica di Roma e` prosciolto di ogni voto, obbedienza e obbligo alla Chiesa di Roma ed e` libero di raccogliersi e adorare in qualsiasi forma di congregazione benedetta da Dio e fedele ai propri principi, essendosi separato dalla dissolta chiesa romana.

D’ora innanzi i tutori dell’ordine e gli agenti della pace delle legittime corti di legge popolare, assistiti dai popoli liberi del mondo, sono autorizzati e incoraggiati a disporre e applicare questa Proclamazione di Annullamento ed Emancipazione ad ogni opportunita`, in base alla suprema e sovrana autorita` di Dio e la Legge delle Nazioni.

I fedeli a Dio, essendosi persi ed essendo stati mantenuti in servitu` nella prigione spirituale della falsa chiesa di Roma, sono ora liberi di riunirsi in congregazioni armoniose in rispetto della legge di Dio e devoti solo a essa per realizzare il regno di Dio in terra.

La lunga notte della tirannia spirituale e criminalita` del Vaticano e` finita. I popli liberi della Terra e tutti i veri devoti a Dio e al Cristo ripuliranno le proprie terre della Menzogna e l’Omicidio the era insediato a Roma.

Proclamato e decretato questa Domenica di Resurrezione dalla Corte Internazionale

di Giustizia della Legge Popolare in collaborazione con

il Concordato della Libera Congregazione di Cristiani

Questa Proclamazione e` accompagnata da un terzo e ultimo esorcismo e una cerimonia di resurrezione spirituale a Roma e nel mondo in questa Domenica di Pasqua, 20 Aprile 2014

In Corum Deo: invocando la Presenza di Dio – Come Dio vuole cosi` sara ` fatto

Questo Legittimo e Vincolante Atto e` promulgato sotto la Legge Divina e quella Popolare.

Il potere di vincolare e liberare e` e` adesso nelle mani di Dio e dei veri devoti a Dio.

www.iclcj.com www.covenantedcommunity.org







Posted on April 19, 2014

Invocation juridique et spirituelle de la liquidation de l’Eglise de Rome et leurs institutions affiliées, le Vatican et le Saint -Siège


Etabli de plein droit par le Tribunal International de droit Coutumier, Haute cour de Justice et par contrat de la Congrégation des Chrétiens Libres

Dimanche de Pâques le 20 Avril de l’année 2014
Pour Proclamation publique et avis d’exécution

Qu’il soit reconnu et acté : par tous les hommes et les femmes, toutes les personnes et toutes autorités que selon Le Droit du Dieu Suprême incorporé dans la nature du Droit Coutumier et la Loi Naturelle que l’institution et l’entité de l’Eglise de Rome, leurs officiels, le clergé, leurs adjoints et les membres affiliés et toutes leurs entreprises, sont à partir de maintenant abolis pour toujours, liquidés en tant qu’entreprises et institutions spirituelles. Tous les peuples et les pouvoirs soumis à leur autorité et leur influence ainsi que ceux qui ont un devoir d’allégeance, sont à partir d’aujourd’hui et pour toujours émancipés et libérés de toute obligation de servitude.

L’Eglise de Rome est invalidée sur la base de son existence et reléguée de par elle-même au statut d’organisation criminelle aux yeux de Dieu et de l’homme et sous les lois communes des Cieux et de la Terre, pour avoir violé et organisé des guerres sans merci contre Dieu, et l’humanité à travers l’histoire par des crimes, des assassinats, l’apostasie, les sacrifices d’enfants et l’idolâtrie, et par ces faits, a désavoué ses engagements et son devoir d’honorer les Cieux et la Terre, la Vie et la dignité du genre humain.

L’autorité suprême de Dieu a exprimé dans la forme, de plein droit par le jugement du Tribunal de droit Coutumier et les congrégations des justes, des hommes et des femmes justes, et en conséquence invalident l’existence même de l’Eglise de Rome et la présumée « Succession Apostolique » et la soi-disant Loi Canon. Donc à ce jour, toutes lois, statuts et tous les lieux de cultes de l’église et leurs officiels sont déclarés abolis pour toujours sans capacité d’utiliser une quelconque autorité dans les cieux ou sur la Terre.

Tous les officiels de l’Eglise de Rome, leurs représentants à commencer par Jorge Bergoglio, appelé le Pontife de l’Eglise de Rome, tous les cardinaux de l’Eglise de la Curie Romaine, les dirigeants de la Banque du Vatican et Adolfo Pachon, dit « chef Supérieur » de l’Ordre des Jésuites sont par la présente ordonnés de démissionner et de renoncer à leurs offices. Les propriétés patrimoniales, les richesses, et les biens meubles de l’Eglise de Rome sont par la présente confisqués et déclarés être sous la sauvegarde et la propriété solidaire du Peuple du Monde et peuvent être saisis pacifiquement et occupées par eux.

Tous les membres et les salariés adhérents de l’Eglise Catholique de Rome sont par la présente libérés de leurs vœux, de leur obligation d’allégeance envers l’Eglise de Rome et sont libres de se réunir dans le culte qui leur convient peu importe la congrégation que leur Dieu ou leur conscience appellent, et séparés de l’Eglise Romaine désintégrée. Les greffiers et gardiens de la paix des Tribunaux de Droit Coutumier légitimes, assistés par le Peuple libéré du Monde sont dorénavant autorisés et encouragés à prendre acte pour faire exécuter cette abrogation, et la Proclamation de l’émancipation n’ importe où, sous l’autorité et la souveraineté du Dieu Suprême et selon la loi des Nations.

Le Peuple de Dieu qui s’est perdu, se tenant dans la soumission et captif de la spiritualité de la fausse Eglise de Rome est maintenant libre de s’assembler dans des congrégations sous contrat représentant exclusivement la Loi de Dieu et ne reconnaissant aucune autre autorité légitime pour établir le Royaume de Dieu sur Terre.

La longue nuit de la tyrannie spirituelle et de la criminalité du Vatican est terminée. Laissez le Peuple libre de la Terre et les Véritables serviteurs de Dieu et du Christ nettoyer leurs terres du mensonge et des tueries anciennement intronisés à Rome.

Proclamé et acté le jour de la Résurrection Dimanche par le Tribunal International de Droit Coutumier Haute cour de Justice avec la collaboration des congrégations sous contrat des Chrétiens libres (congrégation)
Cette Proclamation est accompagnée par un troisième et dernier exorcisme de réparation spirituelle – une cérémonie à Rome, à travers le monde en ce jour de Dimanche de Pâques le 20 avril 2014

In coram Deo invoqué en la présence de Dieu et selon la volonté de Dieu – c’est accompli selon le droit en conformité avec le Divin et le droit Coutumier. Le pouvoir de lier par engagement et de libérer provient exclusivement de Dieu lui-même et à travers la liberté en accord avec le Peuple

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Invocando oDesestabelecimento Legal e Espiritual da Igreja de Roma e os seus órgãos adjuntos, o Vaticano e a “Santa Sé”


Emitido como Vinculação Anulação e Pedido de Emancipação pelo Tribunal Internacional de Justiça e Direito Comum De Jure e Do Convênio dos Cristãos Livres Congregacionais no Domingo de Páscoa, Dia 20 de Abril do ano de 2014



Que seja conhecido e com efeito por todos os homens e mulheres, pessoas e autoridades que, sob a Lei Suprema de Deus e como incorporado na Lei Comum da Natureza e Direito Natural, a partir deste dia, a instituição e entidade da Igreja de Roma, seus oficiais, o clero, os órgãos adjuntos derivativos e íntegra corporativa, que de agora e para sempreestá abolida e desestabelecida como uma corporativa e corpo espiritual. Todas as pessoas e os poderes anteriormente sob a sua autoridade e influência e devendo-lhealiançaestãoagora e para sempre emancipados e livres de tal servidão obrigatória.

Tendo violado e travado uma guerra implacável a Deus e à humanidade através de suas história de crime, assassinato, apostasia, sacrifício de crianças e idolatria, e, assim, repudiado o convênio pactuado de obrigação e dever de defender a honra do Céu e da Terra e da vida e dignidade de todos os humanos, a Igreja de Roma anulou a sua base de existência e trouxe sobre si o estatuto de uma organização criminosa transnacional renegada aos olhos de Deus e dos homens, e de acordo com as leis do Téu e da Terra.

A autoridade suprema de Deus como expressa nos Tribunais de direito comum De Jure de julgamento e nas congregações de apenas, homens e mulheres sinceros, faz por conseguinte anular a existência da Igreja de Roma, a suposta “Sucessão Apostólica”, e sua chamada ” Lei Canônico”.

Portanto, a partir deste dia, todas essas leis, estatutos, e todos os gabinetes da igreja e oficiais estão declarados abolidos para sempre e possuindo nenhum efeito ou autoridade obrigatória no céu ou na terra.

Todos os oficiais e agentes da Igreja de Roma, começando com Jorge Bergoglio, o chamado Pontífice da Igreja de Roma, todos os Cardeais da Cúria Romana, os chefes do Banco do Vaticano e Adolfo Pachon, chefe “Superior” da Ordem dos Jesuítas, estão por este meio sob ordem de se retirarem imediatamente e abandonar os seus gabinetes.

A riqueza, propriedade e bens móveis da Igreja de Roma são confiscados e declaros como propriedade comum dos Povos do mundo, e podem ser pacificamente apreendidos e ocupados por eles.

Cada membro, empregado e aderente da Igreja Católica Romana é por este meio liberado de todas as suas promessas, aliança e obrigações para com a Igreja de Roma, e estão livres para se reunir e adorar sob qualquer forma congregacional que Deus e sua consciência compele, separados do igreja Romana desestabelecida.

Os xerifes e oficiais de paz dos tribunais de direito comum legais, assistidos pelos povos livres do mundo, passam a ser autorizados e encorajados a promulgar e aplicar esta Anulação e Proclamação de Emancipação, sempre que possível, sob a autoridade suprema e soberana de Deus e da Lei das Nações .

O povo de Deus que se tem perdido e mantido em servidão dentro do cativeiro espiritual da igreja falsa de Roma está agora livre de se organizar em congregações que se destaquem exclusivamente sob a lei de Deus, reconhecendo nenhuma outra autoridade legítima, para o estabelecimento do Reinado de Deus na terra.

A longa noite de tirania espiritual e dos crimes Vaticano acabou. Deixem as pessoas livres da Terra e todos os verdadeiros servos de Deus e de Cristo purificar suas terras da mentira e dos assassinatos anteriormente entronizados em Roma.

Proclamada e promulgada como neste Domingo de Ressurreição pelo Tribunal Internacional de Justiça e Direito Comum, com a colaboração do O Convênio dos Cristãos Livres Congregacionais (Os Covenanters)

Esta Proclamação é acompanhada por um terceiro e último exorcismo e cerimônia de reclamação espiritual em Roma e em todo o mundo, neste Domingo de Páscoa, 20 de Abril de 2014

Em Coram Deo: Invocado na presença de Deus – Tal como Deus o quer, assim é feito

Um Acto Legal Vinculado e feito sob o Divino e Direito Comum. O poder de connectar e ser livre agora reside só em Deus e por Deus é livre, povo da aliança.

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Uitvoering gevende aan de Juridische en Spirituele Ontbinding van de Kerk van Rome, en de hieraan verbonden instituten (bedrijven), het Vaticaan en de Holy See.


Uitgegeven als bindende en feitelijke nietigverklaring, en als ontbindingsorder, uitgevaardigd door Het Internationaal Common Law Gerechtshof en Het Verbond van Verenigde Christenen op Paas Zondag, op de 20ste dag van april in het jaar 2014.


Aan iedereen ter kennis gegeven en voorts geeffectueerd,                                     Aan alle mensen, personen en autoriteiten, dat onder de Goddelijke Wetten belichaamd in de Natuurlijke Wetten (“Common Law”), en de onvervreemdbare Natuurlijke-/Mensen Rechten, dat vanaf vandaag, het instituut en commerciële entiteit, gekend als “De Kerk van Rome”, haar officieren, priesters en andere geestelijke afgevaardigden, haar zuster-, en dochter ondernemingen, alsook de gehele commerciële entiteit vanaf heden is afgeschaft en ontbonden. Alle mensen en instituten, voorheen opererende onder invloed van deze autoriteit, en, loyaliteit verschuldigd aan deze commerciële entiteit, zijn vanaf heden verlost en bevrijdt van deze verplichte lijfeigenschap.

Gedurende haar eeuwenlange historie van geforceerde en onverbiddelijke oorlogsvoering tegen de mensheid en haar Schepper, haar afvalligheid, de (massa) moorden, kinderoffers, rituele slachtingen, oorlogen, afgoderij, en hiermee verwerpend de benodigde vereiste verplichtingen tot het in stand houden van de eer van Hemel en Aarde, en het leven en waardigheid van de mensheid. De Kerk van Rome heeft haar bestaansrecht herroepen. Ze heeft zichzelf de status aangemeten van een op hol geslagen transcontinentale criminele organisatie. Zowel in de ogen van de mensheid en hun aardse Wetten, als ook in de ogen van hun Schepper en zijn Goddelijke Wetten.

De ultieme autoriteit van God/Schepper, tot uitdrukking komende in “De Jure” Gerechtshoven, in samenwerking met gezworen eerzame mannen en vrouwen, nullificeerd het bestaansrecht van de Kerk van Rome, de vermeende “Apostolische Successie”, en haar zogenaamde Canonieke Wetten.

Daarom zijn, vanaf heden, al deze zogenaamde wetten, statuten, alle kerken en haar geestelijken ontheven van hun status, en bezitten vanaf heden geen enkele verdere autoriteit. Hij/zij die de Roomse Curia verder steunt/beschermt, zal hier eindverantwoording moeten afleggen bij zijn Schepper welke het laatste oordeelt velt. Pedofiele kinderhandelaren en massamoordenaars verdienen geen bescherming.

Alle afgevaardigden van De Kerk van Rome, en al haar 3e partij agenten, te beginnen met Jorge Bergoglio, de zogenaamde leider van de Rooms Katholieke Kerk in Rome, iedere kardinaal van de Roomse Curia, het hoofden van de Vaticaan Bank, Adolfo Pachon, chief “Superior” van de Orde der Jesuiten, zijn hierbij geordonneerd onmiddellijk terug te treden, en hun posities vrij te geven

De rijkdommen, eigendommen en roerende goederen van de Roomse Kerk van Rome zijn bij deze verbeurdverklaard en komen toe aan de bestolen aardse mensheid, welke op vreedzame wijze hun eigendommen in beslag wenst te nemen, dan wel deze bezetten.

Ieder lid, werknemer, aanhanger of onafscheidelijk verbondene met de Rooms Katholieke Kerk is hiermee bevrijdt van zijn/haar eed, trouw en verplichtingen aan de Kerk van Rome, en zijn vrij om overal waar men dat wil, te verzamelen, en hun geloof te belijden, gescheiden van de nu ontbonden Rooms Katholieke Kerk

De constitutionele agenten van de wettige “Common Law” Gerechtshoven, geassisteerd door de vrije mensen van deze wereld, zijn voortaan geautoriseerd deze nullificatie en afzwering ten uitvoer te brengen onder de allerhoogste autoriteit, de Schepper, en onder Internationaal Recht.

De verdwaalde mensheid, welke eeuwen in gijzeling en spirituele gevangenschap is gehouden door de verraderlijke Kerk van Rome, kunnen nu vrijelijk verzamelen in gemeenschappen of in hun gebedshuizen naar hun eigen believen, onder de wetten van hun Schepper, en geen andere autoriteit erkennende om “Hemel op Aarde” te vestigen.

De lange nacht van spirituele tirannie, en Vaticaanse criminaliteit is voorbij. Laat alle vrije mensen op aarde, en alle ware dienaren van hun Schepper hun land reinigen van de grootste leugen ooit (de onttroonde moordenaars in Rome en hun collaborateurs).

Geproclameerd en ten uitvoer gebracht op deze dag van Herrijzenis door “The International Common Law Court of Justice”, in samenwerking met “The Covenant of Free Congregational Christians” (The Covenanters)

Deze Proclamatie gaat vergezelt met een derde en laatste uitdrijving en spirituele terugvorderingsceremonie in Rome, en op meerdere locatie over de gehele wereld, op deze Paas Zondag, de 20e april 2014

In Coram Deo: Invoked in God’s presence – As God wills it, it is accomplished

Een wettige en bindende akte, gebaseerd op de Goddelijke Wetten en Natuurlijke Wetten. De macht om te binden, of om te bevrijden, berust nu nog uitsluitend bij de Schepper, en door Deze, via de vrije, oprechte, en gezworene tribunalen onder Common Law.

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Breaking News: Ostersonntag, 20. April 2014, 16:00 Uhr (GMT)

Osterproklamation schafft das Papsttum ab – Common Law Gericht und
Verbundene Christen geben gemeinsame Stellungnahme bekannt



Maastricht, Holland and Rom:

Heute, am Oster-Sonnenaufgang, 20. April 2014, proklamierten und aktivierten
Zeremonien in Rom. London, Maastricht und an Kraftzentren der Erde die spirituelle
Abrüstung der Kirche von Rom und deren regierende Körperschaft. Die Maastricht
Proklamation wurde von Rev. Kevin Annett an der ältesten Kirche außerhalb Italiens

Der Proklamation gingen Exorzismus-Zeremonien am Sonnenaufgang voraus, am
Vatikan und an anderen Orten, unter der Anleitung der spirituellen Ältesten. Ein Zitat
aus ihrer Mitte…

“Dieser dritte und letzte Exorzismus des dunklen Bollwerk Roms is vollzogen. Die Macht dieser falschen Kirche ist für immer durchbrochen und durch eine neue Zusammenkunft freier Männer und Frauen ersetzt, unter einem neuen Gelöbnis mit dem Schöpfer.“

Dieses neue Gelöbnis beruht sich einzig und allein auf der Autorität, Urteilskraft und den Gesetzen Gottes und neutralisiert das de facto Regelwerk von Kirche und Staat, das unrechterweise durch legitime Autoritäten über die Menschheit gestülpt wurde. Das neue Gelöbnis ersetzt diese de facto kriminellen Vereinigungen mit dem de jure Reich Gottes, welche alle ungerechte und menschengemachte Institutionen von Kirche und Staat überschreibt.“
Mit dem neuen Gelöbnis wurde diese heutige Proklamation verkündet, die unten folgt.
Die Proklamation ist von vorrangiger, spiritueller und bindender Gesetzeskraft, unter
den Gesetzen von Himmel und Erde, und alle freien Männer und Frauen haben die
Macht sie aktiv für sich einzufordern.
Ich, Kevin Daniel aus dem Hause Annett, bezeuge diesen heutigen Akt als eine
Errungenschaft Gottes, im Namen des Gerichtes und des Gelöbnisses.
Herausgegeben von der ITCCS Zentrale, Brüssel und der Charta der Gelobten Gemeinschaft freikirchlicher Christen (Covenanted Congregational Charter), New York, 20. April 2014

Eine globale Proklamation der Emanzipation
Unter dem Gesetz von Gott und Mensch

(Diese Proklamation ist in 13 Sprachen verfügbar)

Einleitung der rechtmäßigen und spirituellen Abrüstung der Kirche von
Rom und ihre Körperschaft, dem Vatikan und dem “Holy See“


Herausgegeben als bindende de jure Auflösung und Emanzipation vom
Internationalen Common Law Gerichtshof für Gerechtigkeit und vom
Gelöbnis der freikirchlichen Christen am Ostersonntag, 20. April 2014

Öffentliche bekanntgegeben und in Kraft gesetzt

Höret und wissest, all ihr Männer und Frauen, Personen und Autoritäten, die ihr Teil
seid des Common Laws und natürlichem Rechts, dass von diesem Tag an die
Institution der Kirche Roms mit samt Amtsinhaber, Kirchenstand und Körperschaften
für immer verbannt und deinstalliert ist. Alle Menschen und Kräfte, die bislang unter
ihrer Autorität standen, ihr zu Treue verpflichtet waren, sind nun und für immer
emanzipiert und befreit von dieser Obligation und Untergebenheit.
Aufgrund ihres ewigen Krieges gegen Gott und Menschheit, ihrer Geschichte von
Kriminalität, Mord, Apostasie, Kindermord und Götzentum, und dem damit
einhergehenden Missbrauch des Gelöbnisses, die Ehre und Würde von Himmel und
Erde aufrechtzuerhalten, hat die Kirche Roms die Basis ihrer eigenen Existenz
nullifiziert und sich selbst den Status einer rebellischen, transnationalen kriminellen
Organisation in den Augen von Mensch und Gott eingehandelt, und unter deren
Die ultimative Gesetzmäßigkeit Gottes, wie dargelegt in den de jure Common Law
Gerichten für Gerechtigkeit, in Verbindung mit aufrichtigen und rechtsschaffenden
Männern und Frauen, nullifiziert damit die Existenz der Kirche Roms, der vereinten
„apostolischen Erbfolge“ und deren sogenanntes „kanonisches Recht“.

Deshalb sind von heute an alle Gesetzte, Statuen und Amtsinhaber für immer als
verboten deklariert und haben damit keine rechtmäßige Autorität mehr auf dieser Erde.

Alle Amtsträger und Agenten, angefangen mit Jorge Bergoglio, dem sogenannten
Pontifex der Kirche Roms, jeder Kardinal der römischen Kurie, die Vorstände der
Vatikan Bank und Adolfo Pachon, General der Jesuiten-Ordens, sind hiermit
angewiesen ihre Ämter abzulegen,
Die Reichtümer und Anlagegüter der Kirche Roms sind hiermit als gemeingültiges
Eigentum der Menschheit zu betrachten und dazu freigegeben und mögen friedvoll
von ihr in treuhänderischem Besitz genommen werden.

Jedes Mitglied, jeder Angestellte und Diener der römischen-katholischen Kirche ist
hiermit befreit von all seinen Schwüren Verpflichtungen an die Kirche Roms, und frei,
um sich zu versammeln und dem Gott zu dienen, der seinem eigenen Gewissen und
Abbild gerecht wird, unabhängig von irgendeinem Götzen der römischen Kirche.

Die Sheriffs und Friedensbeamte des rechtmäßigen Common Law Gerichtes,
unterstützt von den freien Menschen dieser Welt, sind daher autorisiert und ermutigt,
diese Nullifizierung und Proklamation der Freiheit überall und wo auch immer
möglich durchzusetzen, unter dem über allem stehenden Naturgesetzt von Gott und
dem Gesetzt aller Nationen.
Jeder Mensch Gottes, der durch die spirituelle Gefangenschaft der falschen römischen
Kirche gebunden und verloren war, ist nun frei, sich in neuer gelobten Vereinigung
wiederzufinden, die einzige unter allein unter dem Gesetz Gottes steht und keine
andere Autorität kennt, und der Etablierung des Reiches Gottes auf Erden dient.

Die lange Nacht aus spiritueller Tyrannei und Vatikanverbrechen ist vorüber. Lasset
die freien Menschen der Erde und alle wahrhaftigen Diener von Gott und Christus ihr
Land bereinigen von der Lüge, die einst den Thron in Rom für sich forderte.

Proklamiert und in Kraft getreten an diesem Sonntag der Wiederauferstehung
vom Internationalen Common Law Gerichtshof für Gerechtigkeit, zusammen mit
dem Gelöbnis der Gemeinschaft freikirchlicher Christen (Die Gelobten)

Die Proklamation ist begleitet von einem dritten und letzten Exorzismus- und
Reklamations-Ritual in Rom und auf der ganzen Welt an diesem Ostersonntag,
20. April 2014

In Coram Deo: In Gottes Beisein einberufen – So wie Gott will, ist es geschehen

Ein rechtskräftiger und bindender Akt unter dem göttlichen Gemeinwohl des
Common Laws. Die Macht zu binden und zu befreien liegt nun in Gott allein, in
ihm und durch sein freies, gelobtes Volk der Menschheit.

www.iclcj.com , www.covenantedcommunity.org

Genocide affirms Republic of Kanata; Vatican’s coverup of genocide now public

THE MASK SLIPS: In Canada, the government’s confirmation of massive deaths of children in church run “Indian schools” sets the stage for the dissolution of the Crown and the proclamation of the Republic of Kanata, and a “revolution from below” – “Pope Francis” authorizes Italian Bishops to conceal child rape in its ranks as he faces upcoming prosecution on April 7 in Brussels – Kevin Annett discusses the details with Alfred Webre in this breaking interview dated April 2, 2014

Kevin Annett: Genocide affirms Republic of Kanata; Vatican’s coverup of genocide now public

See also the latest posting at www.itccs.org

Pro-ITCCS Belgian Member of Parliament Laurent Louis beaten, falsely arrested by police March 8

Arrestation arbitraire du Député indépendant Laurent Louis (Autre point de vue)

The one Belgian politician who has exposed high level child traffickers and publicly endorsed the work of ITCCS, MP Laurent Louis, was viciously assaulted and arrested by Belgian police on Saturday as he peacefully collected signatures for his upcoming re-election bid.

Mr. Louis was released after six hours in jail, and is bringing a lawsuit against the police responsible.

Mr. Louis is scheduled to meet with ITCCS officials and Rev. Kevin Annett later this month to lend support to the second major common law court case involving Vatican child trafficking.

“This sick and unprovoked attack on Monsieur Louis is aimed at all of us and at democracy. But we will not let child killers destroy their accusers like this. We will provide real security to brave fighters like Monsieur Louis and Kevin Annett so this cannot happen again” said George Dufort, ITCCS official, in Brussels today.

www.iclcj.com , www.itccs.org


Criminal Trial Division, Brussels
March 1, 2014

Announcement of Case Docket No. 31032014-001:

In the Matter of The People v. Jorge Bergoglio, Adolfo Nicolas Pachon, Justin Welby and others, and their Bodies Corporate

A Pre-Trial Hearing will commence on Monday, March 31, 2014 at 9:00 am GMT in Brussels

Issued by the Office of the Presiding Magistrates
E. Cantillon, Secretary

LET IT BE KNOWN that, based on an application brought before it by the Office of the Citizen Prosecutor on February 10, 2014, the Court will in thirty days commence litigation proceedings against Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis 1″), Adolfo Nicolas Pachon (“Superior General of the Jesuit Order”), Justin Welby (Archbishop of Canterbury”) and others involved in Crimes against Humanity.

These defendants will be charged with organizing and abetting child rape, torture and trafficking, and criminally conspiring to commit and conceal these offences.

The Court will convene its pre-trial Examination Hearing on Monday, March 31, 2014 at 9:00 GMT in the city of Brussels.

The Court is therefore issuing today a Public Summons to the named Defendants to be present at this Hearing, either in person or through their legal representatives.

Failure by any of the Defendants to appear may be interpreted by the Court as constituting a plea of nolo contendere, or non-contested, and will be entered into the Court record as such.

A copy of the Summons will be issued immediately to the named Defendants by Sheriffs appointed by the Court.

Anyone with evidence related to this matter is invited to submit it to the Office of the Citizen Prosecutor of the Court in the form of a legally sworn deposition and affidavit. For details, please contact the Office at itccscentral@gmail.com .


The ITCCS and its affiliates are calling for a Public Day of Silence to End Church Violence against Children, on the day before the opening of the Trial: Sunday, March 30, 2014. You are asked to refrain from all normal activity that day and join in prayer, fasting and reflection.

The Tribunal asks all people of conscience to remember and act not only for the children who are presently suffering and dying at the hands of church-protected child rapists and traffickers, but for the countless children who have died at the hands of these churches – children like:

Albert Hance, age 9, starved to death at the Anglican St. George’s school in Lytton, British Columbia;

Richard Thomas, age 15, beaten to death by Catholic priest Terrance MacNamara at the Kuper Island school, British Columbia;

Shirley Tatooche, age 10, raped to death by Catholic priests at the Fort Albany school in Ontario …and at least 50,000 more children in Canada alone. (www.hiddennolonger.com)

Remember the Dead – Fight for the Living – Jail the Child Killers and all those who protect them!

Updates to follow.

Issued by The Public Information Office of the International Common Law Court of Justice, Criminal Trial Division and by ITCCS Central
March 1, 2014

Urgent Action Appeal to all ITCCS affiliates and People of Conscience: Help us Confront Child Trafficking Heads of Church and State in Rome on April 3!

Brussels and Rome:

Our global movement is joining hands with victims of church torture to rally against Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth when they meet in Rome on Thursday, April 3.

We ask that you join us there, or hold support protests and church occupations that same day, wherever you are.

Working with Italian victims’ and human rights groups, we will gather outside the Italian Presidential Palace and at the Vatican that day. Common Law sheriffs will attempt to enforce the standing Citizen Arrest Warrant against Elizabeth Windsor. Details are forthcoming at www.itccs.org.

Recently, we exposed how Queen Elizabeth colluded with deposed Pope Benedict in September, 2010 to help conceal child rape in both the Anglican and Catholic churches. Elizabeth Windsor is a convicted felon and the present Pope Francis is the chief defendant in an upcoming Common Law Court action against global child trafficking, to commence March 31.

Please spread the word, and plan to join us in Rome on April 3.

And stand by for a key global media announcement this Tuesday, February 25, on the first anniversary of our Common Law Court conviction of the Vatican, Canada and the Crown of England for Crimes against Humanity.

Issued by The Directorate of the ITCCS
20 February, 2014
www.itccs.org , www.iclcj.com

Urgent Update – London UK: Persecuted ITCCS member David Compan’s wife arrested and held by police to force David to surrender.

January 14, 2014

David Compan, illegally targeted under England’s police-state “thought crime” laws for his public support of our campaign to expose high-level child trafficking, has eluded detention in Charing Cross mental hospital; but in response, Wembley police have today arrested and are holding David’s wife to force him to surrender.

Demand the release of Pritame Bal, Davids wife, from Wembley police station, and an end of the government’s campaign to silence ITCCS members.

Concerned people are urged to protest at the station:

Wembley Police Station, 603 Harrow Road
HA0 2HH Wembley
Phone: 020 87333189

Officers William number 117QK and Ross Benson number 96304

David’s incarceration as an undiagnosed “mental patient” is being orchestrated by social worker Elizabeth Scully of the “Mental health assessment team” at The Claybrook centre, 37 claybrook Rd., Hammersmith, London W6 8LN – phone -020 7386 1271, fax 020 7386 1267.

These attacks will be discussed in an exclsuive interview with Kevin Annett and Coventry ITCCS members on Peoples’ Voice TV in England on Wednesday at 5 pm and 6 pm GMT (London), or 12 noon EST. Tune in to www.thepeoplesvoice.tv.

Issued by ITCCS Central, Brussels
14 January 2014