Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Rev. Kevin Annett and the ITCCS begin new campaign to disestablish secular power of the Vatican – Annett will commence global speaking tour on the American east coast on January 15, 2014

Media Advisory – December 17, 2013


New York City:

The man who helped not only to indict Canada and its churches for genocide but depose former Pope Benedict will commence a global speaking tour in New York City on January 15, 2014.

Kevin Annett is an internationally acclaimed whistle blower and Nobel Prize nominee who helped establish the twenty one nation International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) in 2010, whose evidence and court actions helped to depose one Pope and is now threatening a second one. And in the new year, Annett’s network is ratcheting up its campaign to permanently disestablish the Vatican as “a convicted transnational criminal body that openly traffics children and protects child rapists”.

Kevin Annett will be meeting with groups all over America during January and February to assist them in their efforts to bring known child raping catholic priests to trial in local common law courts, and to pressure the government and the United Nations to revoke the diplomatic status and immunity of the Roman Catholic church.

The first leg of his U.S. speaking tour will include talks in New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago and Florida. Annett will tour the western states and the west coast later this spring. In February, he will travel to Europe to speak and organize in nine different countries, and to meet with politicians, the media and abuse survivors, including in Rome.

A biography and relevant links to Kevin Annett and the ITCCS follow.

For information and details on his specific venues, contact Rev. Annett at, or ph: 386-323-5774 in the USA.

The ITCCS website is

1. Biography of Rev. Kevin Annett with youtube interview:

2. Sample of evidence of Genocide in Canada, documented by Kevin Annett for 2013 court case:

3. Kevin Annett’s book Hidden No Longer (2010) and award winning documentary film Unrepentant (2007):

Child Sacrifice Cult involving European elites is exposed by a second group of eyewitness-survivors; Key witness Toos Nijenhuis faces new attacks

from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) – Central Office, Brussels
Monday, October 14, 2013 – 9 am GMT


Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland An Eyewitness speaks out – Introduction


Top European church and government officials engaged in the ritual rape and murder of children have been named by a new group of eyewitnesses, whose accounts accord with public statements made last May by cult survivor Toos Nijenhuis of Holland. (May 8, 2013 interview)

On October 7, these new witnesses delivered notarized affidavits to the Central Office of the ITCCS and to lawyers in Geneva that describe their observation of or participation in the ritual rape, torture and murder of children as young as five years old at private estates in Holland and France. The witnesses name two Catholic Cardinals, a French judge, Belgian priests and members of the Dutch and British Royal families as participants in these crimes.

Last May 8, ITCCS posted an exclusive interview with Toos Nijenhuis in which she names some of the same men mentioned in these recent affidavits as cult participants. According to both Toos and these new witnesses, children were routinely kidnapped, drugged, raped and tortured, and hunted down and murdered in ritualized events. Toos has identified at least one field in southern Holland where such ritual murders and burials occurred as recently as 2010. (

Coinciding with these new exposures, Toos and her family have faced recent attacks and threats in an effort to destroy her and her association with the ITCCS and its Field Secretary Kevin Annett, who first helped to document and publicize Toos Nijenhuis’ story.

These attacks have come from a white South African film maker, Melani Spencer (aka “Mel Ve”), and her husband Richard, a Dutch resident, who initially worked with Ms. Nijenhuis but who have apparently been turned to work against her and the ITCCS.

In email letters, Spencer has tried to extort money from Toos and her family, threatened her with a lawsuit, and disparaged and lied about Toos and Kevin Annett on blog radio programs this past week, without any cause or provocation. (These letters, Toos’ statements and the recent affidavits of cult witnesses are on file with the ITCCS and will be published with the advice of the ITCCS Legal Department).

In response, the ITCCS Central Directorate today released the following media advisory and public statement,

“The heroic effort of Toos Nijenhuis to save children from future torture and murder at the hands of powerful men is being threatened today, now that others are coming forward to confirm her story. The ITCCS calls on all its affiliates and supporters to rally behind Ms. Nijenhuis and the other witnesses now by helping them work with the ITCCS to establish local common law courts of justice that can name and try the offenders, and protect the innocent.

“Our Directorate also formally disassociates the ITCCS from Melani Spencer and her husband Richard and disavows their cruel and unprovoked attacks on both Toos Nijenhuis and Kevin Annett – attacks which are designed to protect wealthy child killers. Now is the time to aid and comfort heroes like Toos Nijenhuis, who has survived cult ritual torture as a child so that the world can know the awful truth and stop this evil forever.”

The ITCCS will be launching a new campaign in Europe in the new year to expose this child murder cult and those still active in it, through a Common Law Court case to be convened in Holland with the aid of Toos Nijenhuis and other witnesses. This new team will include European jurists and human rights groups, as well as cult ritual torture survivors from around the world.

Contact to volunteer with this campaign.

Issued by ITCCS Central, Brussels


Mid Summer Update from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) – June 27, 2013

In this issue:

1. “Whose Side are You on: Children or Rapists?” Catholic clergy are forced to legally choose

2. A New Beginning: First-ever international conference of survivors will converge on Rome on September 22

3. This is Reform? Pope Francis to appoint World Bank insider and a supporter of the Honduran military coup as his new Secretary of State

4. The Vatican likes Genetically Modified Foods

5. New groups affiliate with ITCCS; twenty one nations now represented

6. Undoing the secular power of the Vatican: A recent youtube interview with Kevin Annett

Catholic clergy are issued Order to Comply, requiring they take a public oath to protect children and ignore criminal church statutes (Preview)

Brussels: Thousands of Catholic clergy and officials are being issued an Order to Comply with child protection laws this week, which requires that they publicly vow to uphold those laws and not collude in or enforce the criminal church statute known as Crimen Sollicitationas. (see attached youtube link)

The Order is being translated and distributed to clergy in twenty one countries, including Italy and the Vatican. Priests and other church officials have ten days, until Sunday, July 7, to comply with the Order or face banishment as public enemies and participants in crimes against children.

The Order is issued by the Central Office of the ITCCS in Brussels and its legal arm, the International Common Law Court of Justice, which last February successfully indicted former Pope Benedict and dozens of other church officials for crimes against humanity.

“We’re handing the Order directly to priests as well as the people in the pews. And we’re filming it when we do it” explained Steemas, a survivor of church torture and an aboriginal Cree elder with the ITCCS in Vancouver, Canada.

“I told one priest he had ten days to swear this oath to report child rapists and tell Rome they had no right to tell him to break the law. The guy seemed pretty shocked. But if he doesn’t take the oath, he’s saying he supports child rape.”

The Order to Comply campaign has the unofficial support of two groups of catholic clergy, in Ireland and America. The campaign will be ongoing, and coordinated with local common law sheriffs and peace officers who are prepared to enforce the Order and assist in banishing known rapists and their protectors from their communities.

A copy of the Order and Oath are attached, and can be seen in their translated versions at the ITCCS International page:

Contact to participate in this campaign.

Groups will gather in Genoa and Rome this September to open New Front against the Vatican (Preview)

Savona, Italy: Survivors of church torture and activists from Italy, Ireland, Canada, the USA, England, France, Holland and Spain will unite for the first time on September 20, 2013 to launch a new front to end the reign of terror and the secular power of the Vatican.

Sparked by efforts by Rete L’Abuso, a survivors’ network in Savona, the gathering will have two aspects: a conference and media event in Genoa on Friday, September 20, and a convergence in Rome and at the Vatican the following Sunday, September 22.

“The date, September 20, has great significance in Italy” explained participant Kevin Annett, the ITCCS Field Secretary.

“That’s when, in 1870, Garibaldi united Italy and overthrew the papal states, deposing the Pope and making Italy a secular and democratic country. The dictator Mussolini reversed all that and created the Lateran Treaty that still puts the church above the law. It’s time Italy was liberated again from papal domination, and its statutes that protect criminals and child killers.”

Francesco Zanardi, founder of Rete L’Abuso which formally affiliated with the ITCCS on May 23, said at a press conference on that day,

“We must not only stop individual priests who harm children but the people behind them, who protect them. Men like Cardinal Domenico Calcagno and senior Vatican officials. If we don’t change the laws that protect the rapists, it will just go on and on.”

All ITCCS affiliates and people of conscience are asked to hold solidarity actions, occupations of catholic churches and protests on Sunday, September 22 to coincide with the Convergence at the Vatican on that day.

An open invitation is extended to all survivors of church torture and their organizations to participate in the Genoa conference and the convergence at the Vatican. Contact for more information.

This is Reform? Pope Francis to appoint a World Bank insider and an advisor to dictators as new Vatican Secretary of State

Rome: Birds of a feather tend to flock together. Pope Francis – Jorge Bergoglio, who rose rapidly through the church in Argentina by advising and funding the military junta in that country during the Dirty Wars of the 1970′s, will probably appoint a fellow junta-lover to the crucial post of Vatican Secretary of State.

In the wake of the sudden and unprecedented resignation of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone from that post last month following his indictment for crimes against humanity in the International Common Law Court of Justice, Pope Francis has met with Honduran Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodrigues and apparently offered him the Secretariat position.

Rodrigues aided the military in Honduras in their June, 2009 overthrow of democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya after he tried liberalizing the constitution. The Cardinal gave the new junta official church backing and justified the coup to the world.

Cardinal Rodrigues is also an insider with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and serves as the Vatican’s representative on these bodies, according to Wikileaks.

Monsanto, GMO’s and the Vatican: New evidence

According to, Wikileaks has just discovered a transmission from Christopher Sandrolini, a U.S. diplomat to the Holy See, that demonstrates the Vatican’s clandestine approval of genetically modified organisms (GMO’s).

“Recent conversations between Holy See officials and USAID and EB representatives visiting the Vatican confirmed the cautious acceptance of biotech food by the Holy See. Vatican officials asserted that the safety and science of genetically modified foods would eventually be non-issues at the Holy See” reads the memo.

GMO Journal’s Deniza Gertsberg writes that in 2000, the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences gave its preliminary approval for GMO’s, and since then has “reaffirmed what many already believed, namely that the Vatican supported GMOs and that a more hearty endorsement from the Holy See is likely in the foreseeable future.”

The Vatican Bank has considerable investments in Monsanto and its pharmaceutical and bio-engineering subsidiaries, including with Big Pharma firms like Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline.

Monsanto founder John F. Queeny of Chicago was a Member of the Knights of Malta, an exclusive and secretive Catholic society linked by personal oath to the Pope. US presidents, CIA Directors and even Nelson Mandela are all Knights of Malta.

ITCCS spreads Globally

Holland: Toos Neijenhuis is a Dutch survivor of cult ritual torture as a child at the hands of powerful men, including Catholic Cardinal Alfrink of Utrecht and Prince Bernard, founder of the Bilderberger group. Last month, after joining forces with the ITCCS in Holland, Toos went public in an exclusive interview to name her torturers and announce a new campaign to expose child trafficking across Europe. (

Toos is one of many new ITCCS members who are transforming the Tribunal into a grassroots movement for fundamental change.

During May and June, three new ITCCS groups were formed, besides in Holland: in the Philippines, Poland and Hungary, making twenty one nations represented in the Tribunal, on every continent.

The ITCCS Central Office in Brussels is decentralizing its operations in response to this proliferation of groups, and will be establishing regional headquarters in Asia, North America and Africa during the next two years.

Multiple translations of ITCCS material from many countries can be found at the International Index:

Latest Interview with Kevin Annett

In an exclusive interview with Dr. Alfred Webre in Vancouver on June 22, Kevin Annett lays out the broader purpose and vision of the new ITCCS campaigns, including the need to de-secularize and disestablish the political and financial power of the Vatican. Please share and post this interview, which can be viewed at:

And stay tuned for new updates and information before the September campaign commences in Europe. The fate of this work is in your hands. Become involved and help us overturn the oldest tyranny on earth.

For the children.

ITCCS Central Office, Brussels

27 June, 2013

Update for close supporters from Kevin Annett

Hi friends,

kevin annett 4
Reverend Kevin Annett

It’s been awhile since we communicated, so allow me to share with you some of the exciting breakthroughs we’ve made in our campaign since February, and what is approaching in the spring through to the fall of 2012.

1. Archaeological surveys and digs at Indian residential school mass grave sites:

Inspired by our surveys and test dig at the Brantford Indian residential school on Mohawk territory last year, Cree and Squamish nation elders in Canada have commenced similar investigations on their own territories, at suspected graves where children are interred. They have already unearthed positive evidence but are keeping the results confidential until we can organize forensic teams from outside Canada to assist them. By September, we will have an initial report of these digs and their forensic evidence of killings and other crimes at Catholic and Church of England schools – a report that will be submitted to the European Parliament and international legal bodies.

2. Not in Our Name (NON) – A movement of Reformation within the genocidal churches:

A coalition of several dozen Protestant and Catholic serving clergy approached me in January, and together we drafted a Declaration dated March 15, calling on Christians to leave the churches responsible for systematic crimes against children, and re-establish “a faith free of the legacy of genocide, rape and murder”. The bold Declaration is being distributed at hundreds of churches in Canada, the USA, Ireland, England, Australia and Italy. (A copy of the Declaration is posted at NON plans major rallies and church reclamations in the coming months, and have commissioned me to write a book based on a new spiritual renaissance philosophy of “de-corporatized Christianity”.

3. Occupy the Vatican:

Our ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State) network joined hands with the global Occupy the Vatican movement this month in staging church occupations and teach-ins in five countries. These are ongoing actions designed to halt the operations of the Vatican and other criminal bodies through non-violent civil disobedience and outright reclamations of church property.This movement has already spread to more than a dozen cities.

My plans:

Arising from these new breakthroughs, I am organizing a new world tour that will span the coming year. Commencing by the early summer, I will be giving lectures and seminars, holding organizing sessions for NON and ITCCS, and helping stage public protest actions and ceremonial gatherings across North America and Europe, and possibly in Asia, India and Australia as well. From out of this work we hope will emerge an even stronger basis for our ITCCS court.

As part of this tour, I will be helping to produce a new documentary film on the global movement against genocide and child trafficking. I am also beginning to write a new book, of a deeper historical and spiritual nature, based on this movement and recent personal discoveries concerning the original source of these crimes against the innocent, and how we can transcend a dark legacy.

To accomplish this tour and work, I must raise a minimum of $5000 by June 15 for my travel and research expenses. My ultimate goal is to secure $10,000 by the fall to allow me to sustain our work well into the year 2013.

Since all of my funding and support comes entirely from the community, and people like you, the success of this work depends on your help.

I will provide to you all a complete budget and itinerary by May 1, once the details of my journeys have been finalized.

Meanwhile, if you can contribute to this fund, please do so thus:

1. By cheque, made out to Kevin Annett, and mailed to:

William Annett
1000 Walker St., Unit 223
Holly Hill, Florida
USA 32117

2. By direct bank deposit or a wire transfer from any bank in the USA, or from any other bank in the world:

Account of William S. Annett – Chequing account
Bank of America , 699 S. Nova Road , Ormond Beach, Florida, USA 32173
(ph: 1-386-672-3280)
Account Number 8980 1557 8687
Sort Code 0959
Swiftbic Code BOFAUS3N
Routing Number 026 009 593

I thank each of you, not only your constant support and love, but for sharing my abiding determination to see right done and the innocent protected.