How the Mighty are Falling: More Good News – Ireland Ends its Embassy to the Vatican

Posted on November 05, 2011 by itccs
By Caoimhin Ui Niall (Kevin Annett)

Kevin Caoimhin Ui Niall (Kevin Annett)
Caoimhin Ui Niall (Kevin Annett)

I’m proud of being Irish today – and happy for survivors of church terror everywhere. Capping a courageous stand against a long history of criminal subterfuge and obstruction of justice by Rome, the Irish government announced this morning that it will close its diplomatic residence to the Vatican “due to financial reasons”.

I love the smart ass Gaelic irony.

These are indeed Biblical times, for the mighty are toppling wherever you look.

Just this past week, Canada’s infamous Royal Canadian Mounted Police admitted in an “official” report that they were indeed complicit in imprisoning aboriginal children in the Christian internment camps inaccurately dubbed “Indian residential schools”. And for the first time ever, federal “Aboriginal Affairs” minister John Duncan used the word “genocide” in relation to the camps, in a self-defensive holocaust-denying claim that, even with 50,000 dead children, the whole thing was merely “an education policy gone wrong”.

When the criminals who run the world start having to justify themselves and lie publicly, and begin falling out among themselves, you know the party is over.

The Irish government, of course, has its own brogans mired in complicity in the murderous horror inflicted against children in Catholic orphanages and sweatshops, and it suits its purpose to point fingers at Rome these days. But that’s merely the dying gasp of the guy who held the coat of the serial killer for many years.

So what now? Rather than sheathing our sword and sitting back to applaud as child rapists and killers scramble for cover, I suggest this is the time to press the blade home. It is time to disestablish the power of criminal religious bodies, starting with the Vatican.

Why should Dublin stop now? We’ve never been a people prone to half measures. So today, I urge Taoiseach Enda Kenny to introduce legislation in the next session of the Dail requiring that all Catholic clergy in Ireland be licensed as public servants, accountable to the people and not to a foreign state. Such a bill would also cancel the charitable tax exempt status of the church, which owes untold billions in unpaid taxes to the people. And it would seize the assets and lands of the Catholic church and doll out its ill-gained wealth to the people it was sweated out of and who faced clerical rape and torture at such a tender age.

Hell, the French nationalized all Catholic church property back in 1792, during their revolution. It’s not such a radical thing to say that religion has to serve the community, and therefore its wealth must as well. Why not tax one of the richest corporations in the world?

Whatever you think of the global Occupy movement – and I love it – it has in its cross hairs the financial mandarins of the world, including the shadowy thing called the Vatican Bank, whose assets are in the trillions of dollars thanks to secret “financial concordats” with over a hundred governments that siphon off our taxes to Rome. (Note to Enda Kenny: Cancel the bloody thing, boyo!) Occupy the Vatican is a growing network that aims to seize that wealth and bring down the corporation that runs the church, and I’m part of the effort that will converge on Rome next Easter, April 8, to do precisely that.

I like to call it the Final Sacking of Rome.

This is no idle boast, considering that over two thirds of the people of our world are behind the Occupy movement, and are demanding that the super rich be brought down for good. All we need to do is to flex our collective muscles slightly and the elites will topple, as they are already starting to do.

As much as I love them, the young men and women of the Occupy phenomena are a disparate gas cloud that needs to be wielded into a hammer. Instead of sitting nebulously outside banks and workplaces, they must move inside, and join up with the masses of working stiffs who really have their hands on the levers of power.

Imagine if all the legal secretaries and bank clerks in every city joined the Occupation, along with the bus drivers, electricians, cops and every trade unionist in sight? And what about the guards at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York? Do you think they like having their pension funds and taxes siphoned off to child rapists and money speculators in Rome?

Blessedly, the people of Oakland, California started doing what I’m suggesting today, perhaps not coincidentally. A general strike broke out and the Occupy Oakland folks took over the massive dockyards for awhile.

The revolution is starting, people.

The last time I did a symbolic exorcism outside the Vatican, I spoke to some of the Swiss Guards who officially protect the Pope. They don’t make a lot of money, and one of them wondered aloud to me why nobody had unionized them yet.

When the time comes, guess who’s going to come over to our side – provided we are bold enough and don’t halt?

Napolean once observed that “In war, morale is to the material as three over one”. And in the global combat that is now deciding the fate of our planet, and our species, it is we, the 99%, who have the upper hand on every front – but especially concerning morale. We have the ethical high ground these days, and we need to keep it, but only if we don’t waver from aiming at the heart of the Beast.

Kevin with survivors
Caoimhin with survivors of catholic church terror outside the Dail, Dublin, 2010

That heart has always been in Rome, and in the financial and political tentacles of the Vatican that reach into governments, major banks and corporations around the world. And that is why the decision of the Irish government today is having a political impact akin to the crashing of the extinction-causing meteor into our planet 65 million years ago.

All the dinosaurs died after that cataclysm, and a good thing too, because it made room for us actual warm-blooded folks.

We’ve kept our humanity, after all the grief; and now we are, indeed, inheriting the earth.

Rise like Lions after slumber, in unvanquishable number;
Shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen on you:
You are many; they are few.

Percy Shelley, 1815

An Open Letter and Ultimatum to John Michael Miller, Catholic Archbishop in “Vancouver, Canada” on occupied Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Government land

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Dear John Michael,

I have tried speaking to you before now, but you haven’t answered my calls concerning the location of the many children who died under the legal care of your church in the Christian internment camps inaccurately called “Indian residential schools”.

Now that survivors of those camps have tried to occupy your Cathedral last Sunday, we seem to have won your attention. So please take careful note of what I am about to say to you, which I communicate as a delegated legal agent of Siyam ©Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™, whose land you illegally occupy and who formally evicted you from it three years ago.

As of this Sunday, November 6, our people and broader international movement will continue to peacefully reclaim the buildings of your church which lie on Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Government land, and on other nations, through direct occupation of the churches and offices of your corporation known as the Roman Catholic church. We will do so indefinitely until you and your corporation agree to do the following:

1. Vacate the premises of these churches and buildings so that they can be opened as permanent sanctuaries for the homeless and the poor, as Christ himself commands,

2. Publicly identify the location of the buried or incinerated remains of all the children who died in Catholic Indian residential schools and hospitals, and repatriate those remains to their families for a proper burial at the expense of your corporation, and

3. Publicly surrender all the written and other evidence relating to these deaths, and all those persons responsible for causing or concealing these deaths.

If you agree to do these three things, further protests will not be necessary. This matter is now in your hands.

I offer my prayers to you, and commend this matter to your conscience and Creator. I look forward to your written reply no later than 9 am on November 6, 2011. In the absence of your reply, our occupations will continue, and will extend to other communities.


Rev. Kevin D. Annett (Eagle Strong Voice), M.A., M.Div.
Legal agent for Siyam ©Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™, Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Government,
and Secretary of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (Brussels), affiliated with Occupy the Vatican

Cc: world media, the Vatican, ITCCS

Native people assaulted by Catholics as Vancouver cops stand by and watch: Occupy the Vatican serves Eviction Notice against child raping church, as Canadian media distorts the event

Two dozen men and women from Occupy Vancouver and the Occupy the Vatican movement, most of them aboriginal, faced assaults and a human blockade from members of the Catholic Knights of Columbus yesterday outside Holy Rosary Cathedral, while trying to peacefully occupy it and enforce a legal eviction order against the Roman Catholic church for its murder of thousands of residential school children.

Protecting the Child Rapists: Vancouver Cop expels parishioner at Holy Rosary Cathedral for supporting aboriginal protesters

“I kept yelling to the police to help us but they just stood there at the church entrance and did nothing, even when the Knights of Columbus were shoving one man and making him fall right off the church steps” described a female member of Occupy Vancouver.

“It’s like the cops were being private security for the church, and the Knights of Columbus were acting like police”.

The planned occupation was called last week to bring attention to the Catholic church’s illegal occupation of sovereign ©Squamish / Skwxwú7mesh™ Government territory, and their genocide of native children.

On Saturday, the action was temporarily postponed after two undercover operatives were exposed as attempting to incite violence at the church. Nevertheless, a group of native elders went to the church later and read the eviction notice to the police and catholics barring the church entrance.

The Vancouver media distorted the Sunday action to make it seem that Occupy Vancouver disavowed the action, which is not true. No media reported the exposure of the undercover operatives or the fact that over a hundred Occupy Vancouver members have merely postponed their protest to next Sunday.

One of the protest organizers and a legal agent for Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™, Kevin Annett (Eagle Strong Voice), commented today,

aboriginal woman
Aboriginal woman and member of Occupy Vancouver declares Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™’s March, 2008 Banning and Eviction order against the Catholic church

“There’s a mayoral election on in Vancouver these days, and every politician is trying to win votes by calling for the Occupy camp to be shut down. What better scare tactic to inflame the citizenry than claiming that a bunch of wild Indians from the camp are storming a church?” commented Kevin Annett today.
Annett has been authorized by Siyam ©Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™ to enforce his 2008 Eviction Order against the Catholic church in Vancouver.

“The occupation of these churches will continue, peacefully, and with increasing support from many people. The eyes of the world or on us. We will return next Sunday” announced Annett.

Occupy the Vatican groups across Canada and the world have declared their plans to take over Catholic churches in their communities.

A Press Statement and Ultimatum addressed to the Pope and the Vancouver Catholic Archdiocese will be issued later today.

Information: 250-591-4573

Issued by Occupy the Vatican (Vancouver) and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (Brussels office)
12:00 pm PST 31 October 2011

Digging Mass Graves at Residential Schools in Canada: Breaking News Update 13/10/11

Posted on October 13, 2011 by itccs

Posted by Vatican Crimes:

BRANTFORD, ON – The Mohawk Nation in Grand River in collaboration with the ITCCS (International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State) and its secretary Kevin Annett bring the latest news on the digging of children mass graves that have begun in Brantford, Ontario to expose the crimes committed by Church and State against thousands of native children.

This report announces the latest update on these forensic investigations as of October 12, 2011. As secretary of the International Tribunal, Kevin Annett was invited and kindly welcomes by the Mohawk nation for this initiative of looking for justice – that Kevin was even adopted into the nation – and not being intrusive like the rumors that have been circulating in yet another attempt to stop the evidence from coming to light.

The investigations will continue with the full support of the Mothers as the it is time for the world to know the truth. The evidence obtained will be utilized to take it to the tribunals to take place in London, UK and other countries this fall.


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Emitida contra las corporaciones conocidas como Iglesia Católica Romana, Iglesia Anglicana, y la Iglesia Unida de Canadá.

Decretada por el Concilio de Jefes y Ancianos de las tribus aborígenes Inuit, Cree, Metis, Mohawk, Anishnabe y de las tribus Basque y Gaélic bajo el amparo de la tradicional y soberana Ley de Jurisdicción Territorial.

Al día de hoy, domingo 18 de septiembre de 2011, sus organizaciones, su clero y sus ministros deben desocupar para siempre nuestros territorios y tierras; y sus propiedades y riquezas se reclaman y adjudican en re-posesión

para uso y beneficio de toda nuestra gente.

Ustedes han perdido el derecho a operar en nuestras tierras, por las violaciones, torturas, y asesinatos de nuestros niños;

por rehusarse a hacer cambios y hacer justicia, y por su traición de su propia fe, y a la confianza pública.

Salgan de Aquí Ahora y Para Siempre.

Si ustedes continúan funcionando y operando en nuestras tierras después del 18 de septiembre de 2011, su clero y sus ministros cometerán delito de orden criminal por ocupación ilegal y podrían ser detenidos y arrestados de inmediato por nuestros Oficiales de Paz de la Ley Comunitaria.

Invitamos a todos los miembros de estas iglesias a honrar esta Orden de Desalojo retirándoles toda ayuda financiera y material a estas corporaciones criminales que se hacen pasar como entidades religiosas, no sea que se les encuentre culpables de complicidad de todos estos crímenes.

Esta Orden de Desalojo se hará cumplir con acciones directas, no violentas por nuestra gente para ocupar pacíficamente las propiedades de las iglesias de estas corporaciones, y utilizarlas para albergar a los desamparados y alimentar a los hambrientos.

Invocamos la Gran Ley de Paz y de Soberanía de nuestras respectivas Tribus proclamando la Expulsión y Desocupación Permanentes de nuestras comunidades a la Iglesia Católica Romana, Inc., a la Iglesia de Inglaterra, Inc., (Anglicana-Episcopal), y a la Iglesia Unida de Canadá, Inc.

Posteada en esas iglesias en todo el mundo a las 11:00 am (hora local) el domingo 18 de septiembre de 2011 – Publicado bajo autoridad del Consejo de Nueve Ancianos Tradicionales del Tribunal Internacional contra Crímenes de las Iglesias y del Estado – Firmado: Jeremiah Jourdain, Coordinador -

Posted on September 27 , 2011 by ITCCS

Issued against the Corporations known as the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church, and United Church of Canada.

Decreed by the Council of Chiefs and Elders of the Inuit aboriginal tribes, Cree, Metis, Mohawk, Anishnabe and Basque and Gaelic tribes under the protection of the traditional and sovereign Land Law Jurisdiction .

As of today, Sunday September 18, 2011, their organizations, their clergy and ministers must vacate forever our territories and lands, and your property and wealth are claimed and awarded in repossession
for the use and benefit of all our people.

You have lost the right to operate on our land, for the rape, torture, and murder of our children;
for refusing to make changes and do justice, and his betrayal of his own faith and public trust.

Get out of Here Now and Forever.

If you continue to run and operate on our land after September 18, 2011, its clergy and ministers commit crime of illegal occupation criminal order and could be immediately arrested and detained by our Peace Officers of the Community law.

We invite all members of these churches to honor this Order to Vacate withdrawing all financial and material support for these criminal corporations posing as religious bodies, lest you are found guilty of complicity in these crimes.

This Eviction Order will be enforced through direct actions, not violent people to peacefully occupy our properties churches of these corporations, and use them to house the homeless and feed the hungry .

We invoke the Great Law of Peace and Sovereignty of our respective Tribes proclaim the Permanent Expulsion and unemployment in our communities to the Roman Catholic Church, Inc., the Church of England, Inc. (Anglican -Episcopal), and the United Church Canada, Inc.

Posted in those churches worldwide at 11:00 am ( local time ) on September 18, 2011 – Published under the authority of the Council of Nine Traditional Elders International Tribunal Crimes of Church and State – Signed : Jeremiah Jourdain, Convenor -

If the World was like Canada: A Realistic Comparison

Newsflash: Nazi Germany Apologizes for the Abuse of its Jews

Berlin, July 11, 1958: (New Order News Agency)

An ebullient Chancellor Herman Goering read Germany’s official Apology to its Jews today in the Reichstag, as part of that nation’s post-war efforts to “bring closure” to the wounds of the past.

The Apology is part of Germany’s Aryan Truth and Reconciliation Commission (ATRC), established this year by the Reich government after criticism of its assimilation policies towards Jews was raised by human rights groups in Switzerland.

“That we are a God-sent nation was proved when Providence granted us victory in the last war” said the aging Chancellor Goering to a hushed and respectful group of Reichstag deputies.

“So we have the magnanimity and greatness to admit that yes, some individual abuses did take place against the Semitic people who were assimilated into our Greater Reich. If such abuses can be proven and verified, we will consider limited compensation. But we admit no wrongdoing. The time for blame is over. We must move on.”

Unsubstantiated rumors of high death rates in the Relocation Centers run by Germany’s SS security forces have circulated in recent years, but are generally discounted by credible authorities and scholars.

“The so-called Jewish Holocaust has been debunked” declared Berlin Gauleiter and renowned historian Dr. Kurt Hofstetter, who also chairs Germany’s ATRC.

“Just look at the statistics. Random abuses don’t constitute genocide. If people died in the Centers, it wasn’t the result of a deliberate state policy, but because of the acts of undisciplined individuals.”

Grand Rabbi Solomon Ascher, the head of Germany’s Jewish Elder’s Council, the National Judenrate, welcomed Chancellor Goering’s Apology after warmly applauding the leader from his seat on the podium next to Goering.

“On behalf of all of our great nation’s Jews, I accept the Chancellor’s Apology. Today, our people’s pain can finally be put to rest. Healing has arrived.”

Meanwhile, a small group of dissident Jews under the leadership of the outlawed terrorist Simon Wiesenthal held an unnoticed protest outside the Reichstag during the Apology, against what they called “the shameful whitewash being perpetrated by the ATRC”.

The group, known as The Friends of the Disappeared (FoD), called for the disinterring of supposed “mass graves” in the former territories of Silesia and Poland where the Semitic Relocation Centers operated during the war.

The Gestapo has conducted a thorough investigation of the claims of the FoD, and found no evidence to support their claims. A Gestapo official warned the Wiesenthal group to “stop making wild and harmful allegations”.

“There are no mass graves of Jews” said the Gestapo official to reporters today.

“Not even a hundred people died in the Relocation Zone, and those who did were victims of natural causes, like tuberculosis.”

The German ATRC has been allocated $68 million Deutsch Marks by Reich authorities to conduct an official investigation into the fate of those in the Relocation Zones.

The ATRC will hold closed forums where Jews selected by the National Judenrate will be allowed to share their stories before three ATRC Commissioners appointed by the Chancellor’s office. Neither the SS nor the Gestapo will participate in the forums, which will be “purely educational”, to quote the ATRC Chairman Dr. Hofstetter.

from the Delhi Mail Today

“We expect to publish our findings within five years” said Hofstetter. “We have nothing to hide. But neither will our work be a witch hunt.”

In Rome, Pope Pius today applauded the Goering Apology and the ATRC, describing them as “a blessed act of statesmanship and truthfulness. This is a new beginning for Christian Germany.”

Canada’s “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” ordered off the territory of the Sovereign Squamish Nation Government

National sovereign ©Squamish / Skwxwú7mesh™ Government Flag

Vancouver, Canada

The sovereign hereditary leader of the Squamish Government, Siyam Kiapilanoq, expelled the Canadian government’s “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC) from his territory today in Vancouver, Canada, and called for a boycott of the TRC in favour of a newly formed International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

The TRC is convening a “research conference” into Indian residential schools in Vancouver from March 1-3, but did not consult or invite Siyam Kiapilanoq or other traditional elders to the event.

In a public statement issued by his sovereign and legally recognized government, Siyam Kiapilanoq stated,

“According to hereditary sovereign land tradition, no permission was asked to conduct this event. No consent is given to hold this conference and the TRC members are asked to leave … SSNG members endorse the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its call for all people and residential school survivors to boycott the TRC and all its events. True justice will prevail when investigative powers with longhouse legislation serve full indictments to the Named Accused/Offenders in order to bring the children home as a peaceful restitution.

“Siyam Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™ endorses the ITCCS Summons from Kevin Annett who has the authority as a member of the SSNG, to act in a peaceful and not violent manner. Kevin’s right to demand answers from CANADA’S PM Stephen Harper about the residential school issues is crucial to healing the spirit of the original Sovereign Hereditary people on Kanata, Turtle Island.”

Siyam Kiapilanoq is the third hereditary leader of an indigenous nation in Canada to endorse Kevin Annett and the ITCCS, following Chief Louis Daniels and hereditary leader Peter Yellow Quill of the Anishinabe-Ojibway nations in Manitoba.

A copy of Siyam Kiapilanoq’s statement was issued to the TRC and the Canadian government, as well as to United Nations officers and world governments.

The entire statement is reprinted below.

Issued by the ITCCS, 28 February, 2011

London, England


Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™

Nation Government (©SSNGSN™)

Country Code SQU/SQ Economic Numeric Code 333

Sovereign Swift Code SSCGSQKAP

PO Box 3477, Mission, BC [V2V 4L1] officially changed to

Capital City ©Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™, ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™,

Kanata (large settlement), Turtle Island (TI)

Mobile: 00+1-604-603-2103 Email:

Skype: iamfr33 Website:


Sxwlxwltews-greetings Ladies and Gentlemen:


on Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Land

We respond to a proposed “Truth and Reconcilation Commission” (TRC) Conference that is taking place on Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Land in the capital city, ©Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™ formerly known as ‘Vancouver’ from March 1 to 3rd, 2011. According to hereditary sovereign land tradition, no permission was asked to conduct this event. No consent is given to hold this conference and the TRC members are asked to leave as before in 2008 by served Eviction Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Court Orders issued by Sovereign Hereditary Leader, Siyam ©Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™ in front of many witnesses and the media by our appointed member, Kevin Annett.

1.0 General Provisions: SSNG members endorses the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and its call for all people and residential school survivors to boycott the TRC and all its events. True justice will prevail when investigative powers with longhouse legislation serve full indictments to the Named Accused/Offenders in order to bring the children home as a peaceful restitution.

2.0 Endorsement: SSNG, Sovereign Hereditary Leader, Siyam Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™ endorses the ITCCS Summons from Kevin Annett who has the authority as a member of the SSNG, to act in a peaceful and not violent manner. Kevin’s right to demand answers from CANADA’S PM Stephen Harper about the residential school issues is crucial to healing the spirit of the original Sovereign Hereditary people on Kanata, Turtle Island.

3.0 SSNG Hereditary Sovereign Laws: Named Corporate Public Agents for de facto CANADA and BRITISH COLUMBIA were Evicted by a Court Order and served with a Notice to Cease and Desist in August, 2010 but for some reason, they do not know what an Eviction Court Order means, through their arrogance refuse to take down the flags, remove the white church crosses, return the government vehicle and stop the genocide on hereditary claimed lands.

4.0 Service and Time Clause: We served the hereditary bloodline Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Land Claim by this and many other Notices via email and hard copy to members of the International Community. Some digitized Notices are dated and served from our website; 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. This International Press Release/Notice is deemed served to the Private and Public people, failure to comply within 3 days pursuant to Common law jurisdiction, defined and interpreted by the Sovereign Traditional Hereditary ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ longhouse legislation in recognition of UNDRIP, 2007 reserves members of the SSNG to render the debt and register the liens as an economic remedy by estoppel as described in S. B hereon.

We are the voice for Mother Earth-Pachamama-Gaia and humanity’s free-will. DATED as of the day and year first above written on ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™, Kanata, Turtle Island. Hyishka/thank you.

Approved as to form by autograph for: (in the original)


Siyam ©Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™, President for ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Bank on Kanata (SBOK),

Director and CEO for the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Credit Group (SSCG),

Sovereign Hereditary Leader for the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™Government SSG aka SSNG

Legislator for the Underwriter, Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Court (SSCK)

Witnessed by Autograph for:

©Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst™ aka ©Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst-Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO™, in any style of cause

Justice / Amicus Curiae[2] for the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Court on Kanata (SSCK), TI

[1] The 95 cent Dove stamp and the 5 cent world Peace stamp are Canadian Bank Notes as described thereon. This digitized $1.00 ‘cash’ consideration to contract is served and in full force and effect.

[2] Pursuant to Common Law jurisdiction, the title of ‘Justice’ ©Irene-Maus: Gravenhorst-Kiapilanoq/CAPILANO™ is not a member of the Bar-mitzvah organization but in fact similar to an Amicus Curiae (friend of the court) who applies Justice as natural laws that involves a system of consequences that naturally derives from any action or choice. In this, it is similar to the laws of physics: in the same way as the Third of Newton’s laws of Motion requires that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction, justice requires according individuals or groups what they actually deserve, merit, or are entitled to[2]. Justice Gravenhorst-Kiapilanoq-CAPILANO’s directive is to protect the best interest for humanity by respecting that each human spirit has a soul with a universal right to apply free will/choices to remain free, governed by the Creator’s wisdom/light with reason and a directive to maintain universal peace in the Name of Love for Humankind and Earth.