Steve Finney is in prison in Canada tonight for his political beliefs

A Wake Up Call for all Canadians and Lovers of Liberty: Don’t Let them Crush Us, One by One
by Kevin D. Annett

Steve Finney is in prison in Canada tonight for his political beliefs.

For months now, Steve, a resident of Kitchener, Ontario, has publicly denied the authority of the so-called Crown of England and denied its jurisdiction over him.

Appalled by the genocidal legacy of that institution, Steve has tried to enforce a common law court verdict that last February found the authority of the Crown and the Canadian government to be null and void. And he’s done so loudly and clearly to the judges, public and the police of his community: the very same police who arrested him yesterday without any stated charge, and who are now holding him incommunicado.

Steve is a friend of mine and a leading organizer for our Common Law Court movement. He’s also a sworn citizen of the fledgling Republic of Kanata: a sovereignty movement determined to win our independence from crown and church corporate tyranny.

Steve Finney and his wife Amy Smart, another vocal common law and Kanata activist, have already paid a price for their beliefs. Last month, their five year old daughter Amber was unlawfully seized by Childrens’ Aid Society (CAS) workers and kept away from both of her parents.

The CAS makes $100,000 for every child like Amber that they kidnap and place under “crown wardship”, resulting in a multi-billion dollar child trafficking industry that Steve and Amy have actively denounced with leaflets, placards and in-their-face confrontations with the “authorities”. And that activism has made them beloved by local residents, and hated by police and judges.

Steve and Amy both appeared on our global blog radio program last Saturday and once again publicly denounced the CAS, the courts and the cops in Kitchener for preying on local children. Then, barely a day later, Steve was arrested, held in prison and denied the right to phone anyone, and is now facing a speedy trial and sentencing.

For what? No-one knows, and the police aren’t saying.

Nobody ever believes that tyranny is alive in their own country until it strikes them personally. Brave souls like Steve Finney and Amy Smart are not only carrying the torch for all of us: they are reminding us that there is no rule of law or accountable government in Canada. The time for both has arrived, but only if it is claimed and constructed by all of us.

Steve is in prison tonight for us. So let each of us be free tomorrow for him and fight for the cause that will redeem our land: that of a true Republic of Equals under the rule of Common Law – the Republic of Kanata.

Here’s specifically what you can do:

1. Phone the Central Division Kitchener-Waterloo police station and demand to know of Steve’s safety and whereabouts: ph: 519-650-8500, ext. 4499

2. Join our campaign for the Republic of Kanata under Common Law, and for an end to government trafficking of our children. Write to and form a local RoK chapter in your community. There can be no justice under the present corrupt “crown” courts in Canada!

Stay tuned for more updates of Steve’s fate and our growing movement.

with our thanks,

Kevin D. Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) and The Provisional Council of the Republic of Kanata (Winnipeg)

ITCCS leader Steve Finney assaulted and bloodied by Kitchener police, jailed illegally without charges

Breaking News Update: Monday, September 30, 2013, 1:00 pm EST

Kitchener, Ontario:

After being illegally arrested yesterday without being charged with anything, political prisoner Steve Finney, a leader of the ITCCS and Common Law movement in Canada and a declared citizen of the fledgling Republic of Kanata, was assaulted by Kitchener police this morning and appeared bruised and bloodied in a Kitchener courtroom. Steve was ordered to be detained another day until a bail hearing is held tomorrow.

“His right cheek is all bruised and bleeding, there’s blood all over his face, and there’s a big bruise under his nose that has blood on it” described his wife Amy Smart.

“I asked him who did it and he pointed to one of the uniformed cops in the courtroom”.

Steve and Amy have been outspoken critics of the Childrens’ Aid Society (CAS) and the police of the Kitchener-Waterloo area for their involvement in trafficking local children. The couple have picketed local CAS offices and called on residents to ignore the “false jurisdiction of crown courts”. In response, CAS officials have seized their five year old daughter Amber.

Both Steve and Amy are declared citizens of the Republic of Kanata.

“We need everybody to come down here tomorrow to the courthouse to see what’s happening” said Amy in a telephone interview this morning.

“This is a police state. Steve’s name wasn’t even listed on the court register this morning when he appeared, and they still aren’t charging him with anything. They wouldn’t allow a bail hearing today even when Steve asked for one because he has a job to go to. They’re trying to destroy us for our beliefs and ’cause we know what they’re doing to our children. But we won’t ever give up.”

The Kitchener ITCCS and local Republic of Kanata chapter have called a media conference for 9 am tomorrow, Tuesday October 1, along with a public protest, outside the Kitchener-Waterloo Criminal Courthouse. The address is 85 Frederick street in Kitchener, Ontario.

Come and rally to defend this targeted family, and an innocent man: brave defenders of liberty and our children. Don’t let them crush us one by one!

Issued by ITCCS Canada and The Provisional Council of The Republic of Kanata (Winnipeg)


Monday, 30 September, 2013 – 1:00 pm EST