Support the North Cork Ten

Support the North Cork Ten (Election Special)

SUPPORT the NORTH CORK TEN (Election Special)



There are ten brave women living in Mallow, Co Cork. They were sexually abused as children by a Roman Catholic priest referred to as “Father B” in the Cloyne Report. They made their complaints to the Diocese about the atrocities inflicted upon them. John Magee, the current Bishop of Cloyne at the time was made aware of “Father B’s” activities but failed to act appropriately. Because of his failure to act “Father B” was free to continue his reign of abuse. John Magee has since been removed from his position as Bishop of Cloyne as a result of his actions (or lack thereof).

The Vatican has written to these women and apologised, it has also paid them financial compensation. The Vatican has also, since, defrocked “Father B” and he is living freely in the North Cork Area.

The Garda Siochana were informed of the offences and sent a file containing very strong evidence of the abuse to the DPP in full confidence of a prosecution however the DPP has declined to prosecute “Father B”, giving no reason. The DPP has also declined to prosecute John Magee for his failure to report serious crimes which action could possibly have prevented other abuses from taking place.

Religious Abuse Truth is a group of people headed by Kevin Flanagan (brother of the late Mickey Flanagan, the Boy with the Broken Arm, Artane 1954) who are now dedicated to pursuing a prosecution of “Father B”. This page has been opened so that anyone who supports this cause may offer support and to keep supporters informed of events and developments.

DPP warns clerical abuse support group…

SUPPORT the NORTH CORK TEN (A Cry for Justice)

SUPPORT the NORTH CORK TEN ( Major Development )

Survivors of Catholic Church Crimes Rally outside the Irish Parliament, Dublin, spring 2010, bearing the ITCCS Banner

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SUPPORT the NORTH CORK TEN (The Politicians)

“It’s Election Time in Ireland, and the latest Vigil held by R.A.T and the I.T.C.C.S, in Cork City, is a second and final opportunity for the local Candidates, to come along and show their public Support , in the fight for Justice, for the North Cork Ten.”