Adjudication in the The Case of the Pope: Global Child Trafficking and Murder

The International Common Law Court of Justice – Criminal Trial Division, Brussels

Adjudication in the The Case of the Pope: Global Child Trafficking and Murder

Public Information Bulletin No. 2: An Update from the Citizen Prosecutor’s Office

Thursday, April 10, 2014 GMT



The common law trial in absentia of the three top officials of the Vatican and the Church of England – Jorge Bergoglio, Adolfo Pachon and Justin Welby – began last Monday, April 7 with the opening arguments of the Citizen Prosecutor. The Court convened in closed session under tight security, presided by five Magistrates and a complete Court room staff, along with twenty seven sworn Jury members.

The Prosecutor has spent the past three days presenting affidavits or videotaped statements from sixteen (16) witnesses from Canada, the United States of America, England and Holland. These witnesses’ statements and evidence address the complicity of the Defendants or their agents in the sexual and financial trafficking and the ritual rape, torture and murder of children in these countries.

The Prosecution will be calling upon the first of these witnesses to be present in Court for examination and questioning commencing the week of Monday, April 14, when the Special Assistant to the Prosecutor, Reverend Kevin Annett, will also be present in Court to give testimony and assistance.

Here are some details from the Prosecution’s case evidence:

The Prosecution’s evidence falls into three categories: Institutional Genocide, Child Sacrifice and Ritual Killing, and Child Trafficking. Each of these will be addressed by the witnesses and corroborating material.

The sixteen witnesses in this first round of evidence have direct, firsthand experience and knowledge of the role of the Defendants and their agents in all of these crimes, including in the so-called NINTH CIRCLE child sacrificial cult. Besides participants in this cult and survivors of government experimental programs, these witnesses include former officials of the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, retired and serving policemen, indigenous elders, a retired senior politician from England, an operative of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), and a former civil servant in the Argentine military junta.

The Prosecution has also received an affidavit from Rev. Kevin Annett, ITCCS Field Secretary, that connects his own victimization by church and state in Canada with his discovery of the activity of NINTH CIRCLE members at Indian residential schools across Canada, and with the continued murder of indigenous women and children by this Circle on the west coast of Canada. Rev. Annett will appear in Court next week, sometime after April 14, to be examined by the Prosecution and present further evidence.

Former NINTH CIRCLE participants whose evidence was presented in Court last Tuesday, April 8 testify that Cree Indians in northern Canada are being continually targeted by the Circle for torture and murder because of the valuable uranium resources on their lands which are coveted by the United States military and corporations associated with the NINTH CIRCLE and their adherents within both the American and Canadian governments. The names of prominent Canadian and American politicians and corporate officials who engage in these Circle ritual killings have been named in Court and entered into the evidence record.

The NINTH CIRCLE began at least three centuries ago in the Vatican but has expanded to embrace local satanic child sacrifice cults across Europe and the Americas. Thanks to Catholic pressure, the Circle affiliated strongly with Nazi cultic groups that had close ties with the Waffen S.S. during the 1930′s and ’40′s, including the so-called KNIGHTS OF DARKNESS, whose members included former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger. Many of these members continued their murderous acts against children after World War Two, especially in Canada. Testimony was received from the sole survivor of a Knights of Darkness cult at the former Royal Canadian Air Force Base known as Lincoln Park in Calgary, Alberta. The Witness observed the ritual torture and killing of twenty abducted children by a former SS doctor and three other “Knights” working under cover as Canadian military personnel, between the years 1956 and 1958. Records of the SS doctor codenamed “Major Bob Armstrong” (SS number “091374 SS”) have been confirmed by Canadian government documents obtained by the Court from a former official of the Canadian Military Intelligence Agency, the NIS.

Other witnesses to NINTH CIRCLE cults confirm the presence of British Royal Family members MOUNTBATTEN and PRINCE PHILIP at these child sacrifices, whose presence was concealed by defendant WELBY. Jesuit officers including defendants PACHON and BERGOGLIO were also present at the same rituals at Carnarvon Castle in Wales and at an undisclosed French Chateau, during the 1980′s and 1990′s. Similar sacrifices were conducted at Catholic and Anglican Indian residential schools in Kamloops, British Columbia and Brantford, Ontario during the 1960′s and earlier, according to statements from living and deceased indigenous eyewitnesses.

7. A massive child trafficking network operating through official Roman Catholic adoption, “planned parenthood” and foster care agencies was described by a witness with inside knowledge of this network and its coordination through a special office at the Vatican. This office siphons children into NINTH CIRCLE cultic activity and child sexual trafficking networks around the world, according to another witness, a former employee of the Curia in Rome.

8. An eyewitness to the personal involvement of Pope Francis, Jorge Bergoglio, in such child trafficking in Argentina during the reign of the military Junta has presented his affidavit to the Court. He is a former civil servant with the Junta and is in protected custody in Spain. He will appear before the Court to corroborate his statement.

Further evidence of the Prosecution will be disclosed in upcoming bulletins, and according to the decisions of the Court Magistrates.

Issued by the Public Information Agency of The Citizen Prosecutor’s Office of the Court.
10 April, 2014

Child Sacrifice Cult involving European elites is exposed by a second group of eyewitness-survivors; Key witness Toos Nijenhuis faces new attacks

from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) – Central Office, Brussels
Monday, October 14, 2013 – 9 am GMT


Child Sacrifice and Trafficking in Holland An Eyewitness speaks out – Introduction


Top European church and government officials engaged in the ritual rape and murder of children have been named by a new group of eyewitnesses, whose accounts accord with public statements made last May by cult survivor Toos Nijenhuis of Holland. (May 8, 2013 interview)

On October 7, these new witnesses delivered notarized affidavits to the Central Office of the ITCCS and to lawyers in Geneva that describe their observation of or participation in the ritual rape, torture and murder of children as young as five years old at private estates in Holland and France. The witnesses name two Catholic Cardinals, a French judge, Belgian priests and members of the Dutch and British Royal families as participants in these crimes.

Last May 8, ITCCS posted an exclusive interview with Toos Nijenhuis in which she names some of the same men mentioned in these recent affidavits as cult participants. According to both Toos and these new witnesses, children were routinely kidnapped, drugged, raped and tortured, and hunted down and murdered in ritualized events. Toos has identified at least one field in southern Holland where such ritual murders and burials occurred as recently as 2010. (

Coinciding with these new exposures, Toos and her family have faced recent attacks and threats in an effort to destroy her and her association with the ITCCS and its Field Secretary Kevin Annett, who first helped to document and publicize Toos Nijenhuis’ story.

These attacks have come from a white South African film maker, Melani Spencer (aka “Mel Ve”), and her husband Richard, a Dutch resident, who initially worked with Ms. Nijenhuis but who have apparently been turned to work against her and the ITCCS.

In email letters, Spencer has tried to extort money from Toos and her family, threatened her with a lawsuit, and disparaged and lied about Toos and Kevin Annett on blog radio programs this past week, without any cause or provocation. (These letters, Toos’ statements and the recent affidavits of cult witnesses are on file with the ITCCS and will be published with the advice of the ITCCS Legal Department).

In response, the ITCCS Central Directorate today released the following media advisory and public statement,

“The heroic effort of Toos Nijenhuis to save children from future torture and murder at the hands of powerful men is being threatened today, now that others are coming forward to confirm her story. The ITCCS calls on all its affiliates and supporters to rally behind Ms. Nijenhuis and the other witnesses now by helping them work with the ITCCS to establish local common law courts of justice that can name and try the offenders, and protect the innocent.

“Our Directorate also formally disassociates the ITCCS from Melani Spencer and her husband Richard and disavows their cruel and unprovoked attacks on both Toos Nijenhuis and Kevin Annett – attacks which are designed to protect wealthy child killers. Now is the time to aid and comfort heroes like Toos Nijenhuis, who has survived cult ritual torture as a child so that the world can know the awful truth and stop this evil forever.”

The ITCCS will be launching a new campaign in Europe in the new year to expose this child murder cult and those still active in it, through a Common Law Court case to be convened in Holland with the aid of Toos Nijenhuis and other witnesses. This new team will include European jurists and human rights groups, as well as cult ritual torture survivors from around the world.

Contact to volunteer with this campaign.

Issued by ITCCS Central, Brussels