An Open Letter to “Thievin’ Steven” Harper, Alleged Prime Minister of Canada – Concerning your use of tax payer’s money to fund child-raping-and-killing churches

April 12, 2012
Dear Steve,

church and state

I doubt that if one of your own kids was savagely raped, strangled to death and thrown into a garbage pit somewhere, you’d look too kindly on a government that gave $57 million to the killer’s employer, especially when the latter had been caught red-handed concealing the crime.

But that’s what you’ve just done, according to your own 2012 federal Budget. Your government has given that much money to the Roman Catholic church and its agencies across Canada. In fact, of the more than $80 million you shelled out to religious groups, nearly three quarters of that money went to the same catholic church that caused the death of most of the 50,000 little kids who never came back from the Indian residential schools.

Now I understand why the Vancouver cops come down on us so hard whenever we picket the downtown Catholic cathedral on behalf of those missing kids, since the local Archbishop is another recipient of taxpayer’s largesse, to the tune of $231,321. I wonder what that particular payoff is for? Or the cool $200,000 you gave directly to one particular catholic parish, St. Patrick’s church in St. John’s, Newfoundland?

And just so we’re clear, your Budget doesn’t stop at the catholics. You also handed to another church with aboriginal blood on its hands, the United Church of Canada, nearly $1 million, to its national office in Etobicoke. Even little Simcoe Street United Church in Oshawa got $136,785!

Steve, you’re colluding with murderers, and for some reason you’re compelling Canadian taxpayers to help you do so, by bankrolling church organizations whose stated policy regarding child rape in its ranks is to obstruct justice by concealing the crime and silencing the victim.

That’s the case for the catholics, at least, who have always been more honest in their criminality than the more “liberal” United Church, who nevertheless shuffle their own rapists around for their own protection: guys like convicted former national officer “reverend” Russell Crossley.

So, to leave aside for a moment the gross immorality of all this (something I’m sure you won’t find that hard to do), your use of public funds to subsidize proven criminal bodies is an offense, not only under domestic but international law.

Let me repeat: you are committing a crime, and are forcing taxpayers to help you. And I know why: it’s because of something called a Financial Concordat, which you share with the Vatican and its subsidiary churches. Under its terms, you’re obligated to subsidize catholic agencies, and even funnel taxpayer’s money directly to the church, as your own Budget reveals.

In other words, you’re in a pact with the Devil.

Somebody who you’ve probably never read, Ralph Waldo Emerson, was once expected to pay his American government a tax that would help fund a Fugitive Slave Law, compelling all citizens to return runaway black men and women to their slave masters. Well, Ralph wouldn’t do so, and, echoing modern day international law, he wrote to the President in the year 1852,

“Whenever government surrenders its moral authority by aiding oppression and evil, then I am absolved of all allegiance to it, and I know no ruler save God Almighty, and no law but that of conscience itself.”
That’s the natural law, Steve, and it’s my birthright. And like anyone of conscience, I’m invoking that higher law right now, and I’m asking everyone I know to do the same. We ain’t gonna pay your butcher’s bill any longer, Mister Prime Minister.

But that’s just for starters. You are inviting us to also issue a citizen’s arrest warrant against you, Steve, on behalf of all of our fellow citizens, who you are compelling to break the law. We can do that, under common law. It’s called a Necessity Defense, and it has to happen whenever the courts and police refuse to protect the public from criminals in high office, like you.

Some of my friends among the Cree Nation on the prairies started the direct action ball rolling back in the fall of 2008, right after your bullshit “apology” to them for the residential school terror. They did their own kind of healing when they entered a catholic church and stripped the local priest of his vestments and told him to get off their land. He ran out the front door of the church, and he’s never come back since then.

That kind of action has always been our only real safeguard against the likes of you, Steve, and the monsters in robes who prey on our children. My ancestor Philip Annett knew that when he picked up his musket in December of 1837, and marched through the Ontario snow to join with other farmers when they tried overthrowing the clique of bishops and bankers that ran Canada for their own private profit.

We may have lost that battle, but we’re patient. We learn from our mistakes, and we know you now for what you are. And our arm is strong, and reaches far. It has to, for our children’s lives are at stake, and our future.

So I won’t bother asking the bought and paid for “members of parliament”, who are the bonded servants of a foreign ruler and another criminal called “the crown of england”, to do something about your funding of child killers. Instead, we’re turning you off at the source. No more taxes. No more votes. We need a new deal, altogether.

Welcome to the Republic of Kanata, Steve. You can leave now.